When you want to keep a safe vehicle without a doubt a great option is to locate a GPS locator to have it controlled at all times, even in case of theft. Below are the best GPS locators available this year in the market so that each user can select the one that best suits their requirements.


With this GPS locator for vehicles, which can also be used with people, you can know in real time where you are, by calling it and efficiently receiving the coordinates of the specific place where the vehicle is located. It is also a locator that has speed and movement indicator and comes with an efficient integrated speed sensor and an SOS button for emergencies.

Its use is recommended as efficient protection against theft, but also as a GPS locator for children or the elderly, as well as for animals or for other types of vehicles. It will locate the vehicle in real time and also has a geovalla function, which will activate an alarm if geographical limits previously established are passed.


This GPS locator for cars is perfect to locate with the best accuracy any type of car or motorcycle and also can be used to care for children or the elderly. It has a range of 80 hours and a really wide memory.

The location function of this GPS works very well and in addition you can configure different alerts that will be activated if you exceed the speed or go beyond certain geographical limits. The data will be sent to mobile phones or email accounts previously authorized to monitor this process, as well as vehicle users will also receive an SMS notifying them of the location of the car when they receive it.


With this mini GPS tracking device you can follow a vehicle in real time because it has a battery with an ultra large capacity that makes it really efficient while its special size makes it the ideal object to hide it anywhere in the vehicle. When it is charged, it can remain in standby mode for 90 days and has speed alerts, low battery warning and a voice monitor.

In addition to its size and features, this device is especially interesting because it has a practical waterproof design that does not need to worry because it could be damaged on rainy days . To use it you simply have to call the tracker and you will quickly receive a map with the location on the mobile phone, or on the digital device you choose, indicating where the locator is, and therefore, the vehicle.


The GPS Tracker is a very interesting option to follow any vehicle by GPS because it incorporates a high quality magnet to install it in the car efficiently in just ten seconds. It is a locator that includes a positioning satellite GPS sensor and AGPS auxiliary positioning that will work anywhere in the world.

With this device you can track a car in real time and also includes the historical route function that allows you to check both the direct and the history of where the car has been taken simply by using the mobile phone anywhere and anytime of the day and its battery has a duration of 90 days.


This GPS vehicle locator is a good quality item perfect for tracking a vehicle based on the GSM GPRS network and also on the GPS system, which includes different monitoring, tracking and control functions, as well as different alarms for the vehicle .

It is a good quality device that includes the tracker, a microphone, an efficient antenna, a GPS antenna, a cable, a manual and a CD and without a doubt it is a great option to locate any vehicle after a theft and recover it almost with total security.


A very effective option if you are looking for a GPS locator with battery is to choose this model because it is an original GPS device that comes with a magnet to be located in the place of the car you prefer, but above all is recommended locate it in the bottom of the car directly and easily.

The battery is one of the best that exists because it has a waiting time of 120 days if messages are not exchanged and also a geo-fence can be established and the vehicle will notify if it is exceeding this one, sending a message to the telephones previously selected, as well as triggering an alarm in some cases.

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