Great Cold Weather Fabrics to Know

The onset of colder weather means that it is time to bring out the thick coats, cosy sweaters, and knitted accessories. To keep warm when the temperatures drop, effective layering of the right fabrics is essential.

Wearing multiple layers is often better than one thick one. This is because a thin layer of warm air gets trapped between each layer of fabric, giving you more insulation. When we are cold, the blood vessels in our skin shut down, shunting warm blood flow beneath our fatty layers.

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Cold Weather Fabrics

Wool is great for winter and the warmest fabric you can find. It usually comes from sheep and has natural moisture-wicking and insulating properties.

Silk is lightweight, breathable, and a great insulator. Although it should not be used as an outer layer, it works as a great undergarment material when the weather turns cold.

Fleece is made of polyester and is entirely synthetic. It imitates wool, keeps you warm and is lightweight, whilst being capable of drying quickly in wet weather.

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Down comes from the feathers of geese or ducks and is an excellent insulator. It is effective when used as the inner material on waterproof coats and jackets.

Nylon is a synthetic material modelled on the properties of silk. Even though it is lightweight, it is completely waterproof, even in heavy rain or snow.


For those looking to truly personalise their winter wardrobe, knitting your own range of cosy sweaters, scarves and accessories gives your outfit a unique edge, whilst keeping you warm and cosy.

Even complete beginners can try their hand at crafting woollen winter knits, with great value kits that include everything needed for a project, including yarn, a pattern, needles and sewing sundries. For a range of knitting kits for beginners, visit a specialist provider such as

Taking up a new hobby in the winter months while being cosy indoors has many other benefits. Knitting is a great way to produce bespoke clothing that keeps you snug, but also helps to reduce stress levels and promotes mindfulness.

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