The 3 Fashionable Haircuts for This 2019

Fashionable Haircuts

Fashionable haircuts- The beginning of any new season often brings with it a period of reflection and evaluation. And this is particularly true during the transition to the warmer months of the year.

It is a great time to change your hairstyle and haircut. And one of the easiest, fastest and dramatic changes you can make in your current image.

With this in mind, we are going to show you three of the most requested fashionable hairstyles in 2019, in an effort to help inspire your new cut.

The Short Quiff

 Fashionable Haircuts

We have seen many modern variations of this classic haircut in recent years. But the shape of the core is still proving to be very popular.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is the variation in length across the back and sides. Some men choose to expose the scalp by having very tight hair, producing an exaggerated. Or disconnected look, while others stay a little longer and opt for a polished finish with style.

But which path is the best for you? Well, it is important to take the shape of the face into account. If you have a round or square face having too much length across the sides can make it look wider than it is. On the other hand, if your face is long or diamond-shaped. Then it can be seen better with greater length across the sides to help balance its proportions.

If in doubt, asks your stylist for your professional opinion. It is a style that can be adapted to any shape of the face.

Short to the sides and back, with a lot of volume up

This type of cut has become popular among men of all ages and offers an enormous amount of flexibility depending on the way the hair is dried and the products used.

Once again, you should adjust the cut to fit your particular face shape. As mentioned above, the strongly short sides are best for a little more round or more square face shapes. But if your face is slightly longer and / or narrower. Then I would suggest a little more hair to the sides , to help give the illusion wide.

For most men, the growth of their hair pushes them out of their comfort zone. Undoubtedly, this is a high maintenance cut when it comes to style and keeps it looking for its best time. It requires dedicating time to your personal grooming routine. Which is not always possible for modern man, so you have to keep this in mind.

The Topknot

Recently there has been a huge increase in boys who leave their hair longer and tie it up in a bun. For your hair to reach the required length is hard work and requires perseverance. But there is no denying that it looks effortless and fresh when tied.

Fashionable haircuts 2019

A good haircut says a lot about us. Although many of us are saying as usual and not to notice much. The truth is that trends in male hairdressing are marking the fashionable haircuts of men we see on the streets. In 2019, the gradients and fades of previous years give way to longer hairstyles, noventer style.

Among the most classic men’s fashionable haircuts, the Ivy League look wins, the classic of the most elite universities in the United States with a degraded touch to modernize them.

In addition, the hair is nuclear white, with or without black roots, and among the most viewed man hairstyles in 2019 highlights the wet effect is simple if you know how to do it. For guys with curly hair, get the short afro as a great inspiration to go visit your hairdresser.

New punk 2.0

Combs? What do I want you for … the most rebellious guys get rid of the dictatorship of the spines with this new trend that sweeps in 2018: controlled dishevelment?

Scaled haircut and tips up, orderly disordered, with wax to intensify its firmness. The sideburns, better short or very controlled, and you can risk with a touch of color.

Back to 90’s

The 90s are back on the catwalks, in the series and also in the hairdressers.

The hairstyle “Luis Miguel” is making a hole in this 2018 thanks to the Netflix series with Diego Boneta as the protagonist.

Keys: upper parts with extra volume, hairs based on lacquer and morning effort, wild hair in the neck, cuts based on layers.

Ivy League with gradient

The most classic hairstyles are returning with strength but with a slight revision that comes from the hand of low fade or lower gradients.

Stripes to a very marked side, fixer to full performance and no beard to highlight that moment “good boy” that will take years.

Wet effect 24h

Is there anything better than looking like you just got out of the shower? Get a deodorant that smells clean and a cool  fashionable hairstyle

How to get it, start by drying your hair. Yes, the wet-effect gel is applied to completely dry hair to make it more noticeable. Then, with a fine comb comb, you must distribute it for the rest of the hair until it is the shape that you like the most.

Afro short

For curly hairs, very curly, nothing like the most natural look: afro hair.

The volume returns to impose on the last years of deep austerity with totally acaracoladas melenas that expand in total freedom.

Bun or ‘top knot’

What game has given the long top left, really that has been the trick that has given rise to the rest of the trends.

And this 2019 the story continues with the work of the top, the shaved is forgotten in 2019 for now and the hair is allowed to grow. It is tied up with a ponytail, bun, a long toupee …

Hipster combination

Here comes into play the beard, because it influences the overall harmony of the face. While it is long, leafy and populated, up do what you want, the hipchic style.

It is demonstrated that the pigtails, fades or desgradados, toupees, long hair … Absolutely everything looks good with this degraded.

It is an element that you can start to develop and care for to have more versatility when playing with hair.

We cannot deny that he has hit hard this 2017 and in 2018 he reinvents himself by taking possession of his hair and doing what he wants in it.

Shaved, long, with beard, without beard … The white stomps and not only in the group of modern. You still get surprised starting the year with the Draco Malfoy style.

White hair with black root

If you look childish, you have no beard or you get irregular, and above all … It makes you lazy to be sacrificed with the hairdresser and the dyes, friend, this is your style.

Start by dyeing the whole hair white and let it grow, the more the hair grows, the more game and possibilities you will have. It’s actually a trend that started the great Kurt Cobainand that today Justin Bieber revives.


It is a term that became fashionable haircuts two or three years ago and continues to rise in the man who seems to go through everything (even his appearance) but in reality there is with his trimmer trying to seem trim but casual. A lumberjack with glamor, come on.

The trick … It consists of letting grow hair and beard, in the moment that there is quantity to be able to define a cut, go to the hairdresser / barbershop so that they mark you a little. Then, keep it at home by cutting it every fifteen days. Basically, remove what’s left over, what’s left ugly.

Fade of beard and hair

The gradient or fade has literally destroyed. If we divide the head from the crown to the last hair of the beard, there should be hair up and down and in the middle a degraded space that lowers the sideburns and half of the head completely, staying almost at zero.

The bad thing about this style is that the maintenance has to be every 20 days at the most and you have to invest in this cut if you want it to be well.

The cat that sleeps

Well, the official name is not like that but we could see on the top of the boy’s hair the image of a reclining cat or even a sleeping skunk.

Out jokes, in this court there is a clear separation between the whole top part of the head and the rest. We will let the hair grow all over the base of the skull, not just the toupee,  that is the clear difference.

Long hair

Jason Momoa had to make a mark in the fitness world and on the hair course. This has been done and many have copied their long hair with blond highlights, in fact, influencers like Brock O’Hurn also point to this trend.

The good thing is that it does not need more than a certain cut of tips from time to time so that the ends do not look ugly, the bun is the most common and flattering hairstyle for this type of style.

Tupe ironed

You just have to have two tools: a hair straightener and fixing wax. The cut will be very shaved from the nape of the neck and will be degraded up to leave a cut.

The top part will go long. You have to dry it back and then iron it in the same direction. As a final touch, apply a matting wax with your fingers, disintegrating the strands so that they fall naturally to the sides.

Freshly lifted (but not)

We do not believe that Maniano Di Vaio gets up like this one Sunday, but it seems. The procedure is the same as with the previous cut, but we saved the passage of the plate.

It dries in the same way and with a little bit of wax and water (diluted fixative gels are also used, use a small amount) comb with your fingers leaving a hair of air carefree.

It does not have more complication than to maintain the cut every two months and to use five minutes in leaving it to your pleasure.

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