Knitting projects that make great gifts

Knitting can be a great gift for yourself, enhancing mental wellbeing, confidence and day-to-day enjoyment. It can also be the means to create great gifts for other people. There is nothing quite like a handmade gift to show thought and care and, thankfully, there is no shortage of ideas out there to suit present-makers of all skill levels.

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Needles at the Ready

Whether you choose a knitting kit from a specialist provider such as or have your supplies all ready to start your next project, there are gift ideas available for everyone.

Perhaps you have a friend who starts every day with a takeaway coffee and would love a handmade bobble and ribs coat for their cup? Or maybe you could make bookmarks for a loved one who enjoys curling up with their favourite book? You could also go for practical gifts such as knitted clothes for premature babies, as explained on the BBC website

Just these ideas demonstrate how you can pick a pattern to suit your knitting skills and also the way in which they are so easy to personalise to make the perfect present. Simply picking a friend’s favourite colours for the yarn can add another level of visible thought to a gift.

Knitted presents are also a great way of adding a personal touch to shop-bought gifts if you want to spend a little more. For example, wrap up a book as a gift and let a friend or family member experience the added pleasure of discovering a handmade bookmark inside.

Cosiness is Key

Who doesn’t love a cosy gift? When it comes to knitting, there are cosy ideas for every occasion, and for every person deserving of a gift. If they love flowers, how about a flower pot cosy to instantly transform a drab pot without the need for toxic paints or other decorations?

Another option is a gorgeous cushion cover. You can choose the design and colours according to the recipient’s tastes, whether you’re looking for a special birthday gift or the perfect housewarming present.

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