The best 8 condenser microphones

Finding a condensing microphone is not always easy. As you will have seen, in the market there are many options to choose from, which makes the decision very difficult. To help you, we have conducted a market study and we have come to the conclusion that these microphones may interest you.

Neever condenser microphone

First of all I present a kit through which you can enjoy a condenser mic, an adjustable suspension with scissors arm and support, a clamp, filters, a bag to carry everything and a sound card. As you can see, the kit is very well prepared for the price it has.

But not only you will like the kit, but the microphone is very well prepared, so it will capture the sounds very well. It can be said that it is a model that eliminates noise and manages to capture a rich sound so that the recording is perfect. And remember, this is a model manufactured with very good materials. That is, although you use it continuously, the micro will last a long time.

Condenser microphone for Elegiant PC

If you are looking for a quality micro to record sound better than the computer, but do not want to make a large investment, this alternative will come really well.

It has a USB connection. This means that you can join without problems to any PC or laptop. This will avoid compatibility problems in the connections, which can happen with other models. The connection is very simple and in a few seconds you can be using it and recording with a simple PC. If you are not looking for an expert level micro and do not want to spend a lot of money, I recommend you take this option into account. For example, you can use it in combination with the OBS and the results are pretty good. A good option for people looking for a low cost micro.

Condenser microphone Rode

If you are looking for something more professional than the previous model, this micro will like you. The design of the micro is beautiful, thanks in part to its silver color. To this we must add that it is very light, so it will be very easy to move it from one place to another.

The sound in my opinion is good, bright and most importantly clear, so the results are always positive. Also, if you want to place it on a spider to get a higher quality sound and cleaner, you should know that the placement is very simple. Really if you use it at the right distance, the results will be good and you will be happy with the purchase you have made.

Condenser microphone for Behringer studio

One of the first things that will catch your attention is that despite its economic price, the micro has a gold-plated XLR connector, which means that we have a good quality product.

This model will offer you a frequency response of 40 Hz and 20 kHz and a nominal impedance of 100. If you take into account the price you have, it is one of the microphones that will exceed your expectations without problems. And you will always have the advantage of knowing that this brand always gives very good results. Of course, to get good results when recording voices, then it can be a good option to evaluate a filter. You would have to buy this filter separately.

Gold condenser microphone

Again I present a model that comes in a very complete kit. For you to get the idea, in this kit you can enjoy the mic, the cables, a power supply, a source to connect to the pc, an arm to mount it, the spider to avoid vibrations, the antipop filter and a cap of foam. You can say that the kit comes with everything you need to get quality recordings from the first moment.

The quality of the micro is quite good, especially if we value the price of the kit. It can be a good option for those who want to make homemade recordings.

Blue Microphones condenser microphone

Through this micro you will be able to record sound with very good quality. If you want to make homemade voice recordings, I assure you that you will be very satisfied with the purchase. It has a special condenser capsule through which the sound will be very clear. It also includes a special plug to quickly connect to the computer.

The size of the micro is very small and has legs to be able to hold on the desk. This way you can work while you speak through the microphone, that is, you will work in a more comfortable way. The truth is that it is another interesting alternative for the price that it has.

Condenser microphone for Youtube Fixget

If you are youtuber and you like that the voice is of quality like your videos, this micro will be of great help. In my opinion it is one of the best options for this profile, since it has everything that is needed to install and start recording. It can also be a good option for people looking for a good microphone to do dubbing or similar things.

It is a very easy to install, thanks to it brings everything you need and some pretty good instructions. The truth is that you will notice a lot of difference regarding the recording that you could make through the micro of a PC of a lifetime. Your followers will thank you.

Woxter condenser microphone

To finish I show you a model manufactured by a good brand through which you will have the guarantee that you will be able to fully enjoy the micro.

This variety of micro is perfect for amateurs, it is not so much for people who want to use it at a professional level. It is recommended to record, talk or for video conferences. The quality of the materials of the micro are good. The predominant material is ABS, proving that you will have micro for a long time. It also includes some extras like the tripod so you can enjoy a good microphone.

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