All about the beloved wedding dress

The wedding dress is one of the key components of a wedding, particularly for the bride, with many women spending vast amounts of time scouring the internet and pinterest pages to find the perfect design for them. Taking time out over a weekend, or a couple, to visit wedding dress shops and try on some of their incredible creations is one of the parts of wedding planning that prospective brides enjoy the most. Even if picking the right dress can be a little stressful. Although there is some thought that once you find the dress that you want to spend your wedding day in and have some beautiful images taken by a Luxury Wedding Photographer Bournemouth way, you will know.

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In today’s fashion industry you can find wedding dresses in every dress and a whole host of colours as well.  There are a number of facts that relate to the white wedding dress and here are  few that you may not be aware of.

Symbol of purity – It is thought that a white wedding dress is seen as a symbol of purity and virginity. This may have been the case in more modern historic times but in the distant past this was not the case. White was chosen as a wedding dress colour as it was a symbol of wealth. White was a difficult to colour to get hold and to maintain and it was only the wealthy in society that would have been about to source and afford this. In Christian symbolism white was in fact used fro christening gowns and blue was the colour that was seen as a representation of purity, as is seen by the blue dress that the Virgin Mary is always portrayed in. Those brides to be who could not afford white material would have worn their best dress to their wedding ceremony.

Cultural colours – the colours of wedding dresses across the world depends very much on the beliefs both religiously and culturally in that country. For example in China brides tend to wear a red wedding dress with accessories and elements of white included in the design. This is because in Chinese culture red is a symbol of good luck. In French aristocracy white was wore as a colour of mourning. Ancient celts also wore red dresses as it was symbol of fertility, black was worn if you were marrying a widower or you were a widow yourself and were marrying for a second time.

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Warding off evil – veils were first worn by brides during Roman times as a way to ward off evil spirits from cursing the couple on their wedding day. Veils are worn in a variety of different ways now and are not always pulled down over the face.

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