How to add soft furnishings to your living room

If you have recently had Engineered Wood Flooring like that from installed in your living room, and you are looking for ways to add some soft furnishing to the space, here are some ideas for you.

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Rugs – these are a great addition to any hard flooring. They can help to add some warmth to the room in the colder autumn and winter months, and they also add a sense of luxury to the space. It is important that you think about the colour of the rugs to ensure that they match the decor of your room. You also want to think about the type of material you choose for your rug, as you may wish to clean your rug on a regular basis.

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Throws – adding a throw to your sofa is a wonderful option if you are looking to add a pop of colour. You can coordinate this with the colours that you have chosen for your living room walls, or you can pick something that contrasts instead.

Cushions – again, cushions are a great way of adding colour to any space, and they can be changed easily. This means that you can change them with the seasons. It can be a quick way to make your room feel more seasonal, especially in the autumn months and around the Christmas period.

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