How to declare love to your close one

How to declare love

Declaring your love on Valentine’s Day can be an ideal time for that special person to know what you feel for her. There are millions of ways to say “I love you” or “I love you”, but without a doubt, the most beautiful form and the one you will always remember will be the one in which you put all your heart. Let’s discover how to declare love.

How to declare love?

The Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love, an extraordinary feeling that we are fortunate to be able to feel and that makes us extraordinarily human. Perhaps on this day, Cupid will launch many arrows creating new couples and exchange millions of love cards. But in those declarations of love it is not enough just to say “I am in love” or “I am in love”. If you want to know how to declare your love to that special person, continue reading this post.

How to declare love

It requires that you let your feelings out for that person who makes your life special. Did you notice that when you smile your eyes cannot stop looking at her? Have you noticed how safe you feel when he tells you that you can do it? Send this video to your crush if you want to show him how special he is in your life.

Send these messages

No princes, no princesses, no half oranges. This is not what they told us it had to be, but what we want it to be today.

You and your life and me and mine … To walk together in a path that we create at every step, at every glance, at every kiss at every sunset.

And that is … let me be very clear from the beginning. No, we are not here to save ourselves, but to empower us.

We are not here to complete, but to increase ourselves together. Increase who we are and be more and better both.

Because your growth, and never forget it, is also mine. And this is the starting point.

And, they told us that we had to have that person next to us. But they did not tell us that in order for the right one to arrive before we had to have our best self by our side.

Get to know YOU at the best moment of my life to make sure you know me the way I like myself.

Because yes, and I’m sure of this. If we had crossed before the day we met, we would have looked at each other, but no, we would not have seen each other.

It is not easy

That’s why today I want to remember those days. Those days where you love me when I look less like I am. Those days where you give me the strength I lack, and you tell me: “Go ahead, you can.” Those days where you leave your problems aside to look me in the eyes and remind me that you are still here.

And that is … you. Chaotic and unpredictable. Fleetingly eternal. You, life, you get what you believe today in the impossible.

Therefore … let me finish with some words that I know that more than ever you can understand today. I do not promise not to fail you, but yes, it will be worth trying.

Valentine is a day (and is not the only one) in which to declare your love to that person who is your partner or to that special boy or girl that you are in love with or in love with. Say “I love you” or “I love you” but do not simply stay there.

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