What causes acne?

Acne occurs when pores become blocked. The type of acne that you develop depends on the cause of your clogged pores. Scientists are still trying to figure out why certain people’s skin is more prone to acne. It is likely that hormones have a role to play.

Why is acne more common in teenagers?

Acne is a common problem among teenagers. Androgens is a hormone that increases the size of skin oil glands during puberty. These glands begin to produce more oil which can clog the pores. For help at a Skin Clinic Exeter, visit www.helenhuntaesthetics.co.uk

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Does acne begin before or after adolescence?

Acne can affect people at any age.

Acne has also become a problem among women older than 25. These women have acne that started as teenagers and continues to flare up as adults. Some of these women cleared up their teenage acne. Years later, some of these women are now experiencing acne outbreaks. Adult acne affects between 20% and 40% of women.

Nicotine and acne

In one study, smoking was found to be a factor in acne for some women. The women in this study had blackheads and whiteheads covering a large part of their faces. Some women also had pimples.

Researchers found that a large number of women who participated in the study smoked cigarettes. The researchers also discovered that the more cigarettes women smoked, they had more severe acne. When the acne cleared, some of these women had scarring.

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Stress can cause acne

Stress can aggravate acne that already exists. According to studies, acne can become more severe when stress increases.

What else can aggravate acne?

Acne may worsen if you:

  • Sleep too little
  • Eat certain fatty foods
  • Use oily skin care and makeup products
  • Use oily hair products such as pomade

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