How to Cope with Multiple Jobs

In this article from online pokies real money, here are a few ways to cope with multiple jobs as they can be overwhelming at times.

Plan out your week ahead

If you’re not keeping a close eye on your work schedule, unexpected events can easily pop up and ruin your productivity. Just when you think you have a free night to work on your freelance projects, your other boss calls you to remind you about the charity gala you’re required to attend that same night. To help keep your priorities straight, take a few moments over the weekend to think through your schedule for the week.

Give yourself some time off

When you work multiple jobs, you’ll often hear advice to take at least one full day off during the week. And if you have the flexibility and schedule to do that, by all means—take it! On the other hand, your mega-packed work schedule may not allow you to take an entire day off—and even if you try, you may not be able to shake that guilty feeling that creeps up when you’re baking cookies and watching a movie instead of doing something job-related.

When you’re not working, don’t think about work

Juggling two jobs can have your mind spinning—for one job, you’re worrying about your expense reports and sales deadlines, and for the other, you’re racking your brain about whether you approve your employees’ timecards. Even when you’re not technically working at any job, it’s common for your thoughts to take over and prevent you from actually relaxing—which completely sabotages the little time off you do have. There’s no magic cure for this, but to help you get your mind off work when you’re, well, off work, start by keeping running to-do lists of what you need to do at each job—and what you’ve actually done.

Manage your money

When you’re earning extra money, aim to spend it wisely. Draw up a budget in which you note extra expenses you are incurring because of your second jobs, such as commuting costs, extra take-out meals or taxes, and subtract that from your extra income. Apply the balance directly to the debt you are paying off or the financial goals you are working toward. This way, you will both achieve your goals and be able to see your hard work paying off, just like consistently gaming at casino francais en ligne.

Keep the end goal in sight

Let’s face it—you’re probably not working multiple jobs and 100 or more hours because you’re bored and have nothing better to do with your time. You might be trying to pay off student loans or saving up for a down payment on a house. Maybe you’re freelancing to try to break into a new field—or to start your own company. Whatever your reason, this extra job (or jobs) is getting you just a little closer to that goal.

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