How to prevent flu when the kids are unwell

As every parent of a child who attends school or nursery is only too well aware, nothing spreads germs faster than a roomful of children. Every week, it seems they bring home some new bug, which is then passed around every member of the family, young and old.

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Why flu is such a problem

Flu is a particularly unpleasant illness as it has the potential to cause serious harm and even death in some instances. Although a healthy adult should be able to recover from the flu virus relatively easily, it can be a much more serious matter for the young, the old and those with compromised immune systems or underlying illnesses.

In fact, according to a recent report in the Sun, instances of flu reported during January 2019 doubled within a single week, reaching levels of 2 million within days of the outbreak being reported. That’s because the flu virus is easily spread from person to person.

Preventing the spread of flu

Although it’s highly aggressive, the flu virus isn’t particularly hardy, and it’s easily destroyed through the use of good hygiene practices. The first step in everyone’s armoury is to ensure that hands are kept scrupulously clean. Washing hands before touching the face or eating food is a simple precaution, but it’s one that is highly effective. Don’t assume that you have to use antibacterial products. Soap and water are perfectly sufficient – the key is actually to wash hands properly, for around two minutes, as this ensures that any harmful germs will be removed and destroyed.

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When a member of your family has an underlying medical condition, it’s particularly important to have rigorous hygiene habits in place. Developing flu will necessitate a lengthy hospital stay at best for some people, followed by months of medical treatment, depending on the condition being treated. It may be necessary to install medical refrigeration within the home, and if this is the case, companies such as have some excellent space-saving options that are suitable for home use.

Be vigilant around the home, wiping down door handles and surfaces regularly with cleaning products that tackle germs. Don’t forget things like phones and keys, which are also capable of harbouring germs, along with light switches, which everyone comes into contact with.

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