How OCD can affect your day-to-day life

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a condition that can affect anyone of any age. It is usually also accompanied by conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma and some autism spectrum conditions. There are some individuals who can live productive, joyful lives alongside their OCD and others who can struggle with day-to-day tasks and can become very depressed. Although there are a set of symptoms that can be experienced by people with OCD it can be a very unique condition.

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For some people, the condition will centre more around compulsions and these can be anything from a compulsion to clean, check items or even to attend certain places or carry out certain activities. For others, it can centre more around obsessions such as recurring thoughts that can engulf a persons’ thinking. There are lots of ways that a person can be affected by OCD and to find out more you can attend Mental Health Training Courses like the one that are available from tidaltraining.

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When living with OCD certain elements of daily life can be affected such as washing and personal hygiene, eating and getting out and about. The tasks that are affected will depend very much on what compulsions or obsessions are triggered for the individual. In some cases, OCD can be triggered by anxiety or trauma and it is important to understand what these triggers might be and how they can be managed on a day-to-day basis.

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