7 reasons to have a pop-up shop

Started in big cities around the world such as Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, the pop-up shop (also known as pop-up store, flash retailing or temporary retail) has been a popular trend on the retail front over the last few years. They come, they sell, and they disappear.

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While many pop-up shops have been started by larger brand names – like the pop-up in a London fried chicken shop to promote Adidas’s Glitch campaign – there are also a number created by more local and specialist designers and artists, in addition to online sellers.

What are the advantages of creating your very own pop-up shop?

Sales Numbers

If you are looking to sell a product, a pop-up shop can increase sales through the lack of time and drive demand. This works both online (with access available from within your shop, plus the help of staff on hand) and offline, in the shop itself.

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Brand Recognition

Pop-ups help you to bring your brand from space into the real world. Customers can put your face to your brand name. You can extend your reach to the rare shopper who doesn’t make online purchases, in addition to using retail signage to promote yourself.


A pop-up can create a lot of buzz about your products. Not only is the time limited for shoppers, but the exclusivity of it can generate a lot of online activity through social media. Try some retail signage from Mood Media.

Online Attention

The hype you create can transfer into buzz words, trending hashtags and check-ins on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can encourage links back to your website and open the floor to other products.

Media Coverage

Get a leg up on your competitors with your pop-up shop, and the media will love it. Journalists from local newspapers will write about your new high street attraction, so send out invites to your launch party.

Face-to-Face Interaction

Nothing makes a customer feel more special than a friendly welcome and great service. You could even arrange gift bags, special deals and competitions to keep them sweet.

More Successful Marketing

Instead of spending money on videos or competitions in the hope of making something go viral online or paying random bloggers to name-drop your product, you could use that same budget to create your pop-up.

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