How to Keep Your Windows Warm on a cold Hallows eve

Whether you already have good double-glazed doors and windows or can’t afford them yet, there are ways to improve them during extra cold or draughty months.  You will really need them by Halloween especially if you do believe in the supernatural and you want to keep out those ghosts.

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When joints between glazing units and frames or between the frames and brickwork aren’t professionally sealed, cold air easily bypasses your windows. Draughts make use of wall cavities and sash cord channels too, so both inside and outside sealing will matter.

Windows not installed to modern building codes often lack adequate sealing. Building movement and weathering to frames and brickwork also reduce its effectiveness over time. When air penetrates, damp can follow – leading to rot in wooden windows and further air leakage as a result.

If you feel draughts near new windows in windy weather, ask an Emergency Glaziers Leicester professional found at sites like  to check that your “U values” comply with modern building regulations.

Sound frames can be re-caulked and voids beneath window trims filled with expanding foam.

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Weather Strips

Window openings can be sealed with weather-strips. Depending on your window design, you may be able to do this yourself, but some are best left to professionals.

Secondary Glazing

This means installing a second transparent sheet of either glass or plastic inside or outside your main glazing. Usually they are put up only for the winter months. If you make them permanent, be sure you aren’t depriving the building of ventilation or a potential fire escape.

Heat-sealed plastic sheets can be applied for just a few pounds. Glazed units are built to order. By using heavy-duty glass you can improve your home security at the same time.


It’s amazing how many people overlook the effectiveness of putting up heavier curtains during winter months, but don’t forget to open them at sunrise because light warms your home significantly even in cold weather.

Thermal Coatings

New glazing is available with some very effective chemical coatings to capture more heat. Some can be retrofitted into older window frames, or insulating sheets can be added over existing glass.

Attics and Basements

A less obvious way of reducing draughts at windows is by better insulation of your roof and under-floor spaces. Air leakage in other parts of the house creates pressure differences that encourage cold air to enter and warm air to escape through other parts of your home.

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