When Sheldon couldn’t throw his old laptop away

For some of us, getting rid of something is a very difficult thing to do. There is always this nagging doubt at the back of one’s mind, ‘but what if I need it?. It’s very unlikely that you will need it, but if it just so happens that you are in need of the thing that you’ve thrown away, it feeds into the thought that nothing should be gotten rid of. Imagine then if you suffer from a form of OCD such as the fictional character Sheldon Cooper does in the Big Bang theory. It physically hurts him to throw anything away. When his laptop dies, and he has to get a new one, it leads to a turn of events that allows his girlfriend Amy to understand him a little better.

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Amy is keen to recycle the old Laptop, but Sheldon does not. He leads Amy to a storage unit not too dissimilar to the Self Storage Chorley based place of www.andrewporterltd.co.uk/removals/storage-lancashire/chorley-storage-and-self-storage. Inside it is what Sheldon refers to as his Fortress of Shame. To Amy’s amazement, Sheldon has kept everything he has ever owned.

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Inside the room are his VHS tapes, old report cards, clothes he no longer wears, games, comics, books, action figures, and even a golf ball that his brother threw at his head. Sheldon would like to get rid of it all, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Amy gets him to throw away just one thing, the golf ball, which Sheldon manages to do. However, he goes back and puts it back in when she’s not looking.

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