scandinavian house

Appealing to her Swedish roots, the owner of this house set up a home full of reminiscences where the emotional use of color and recycled and refurbished pieces are the norm. we should build a scandinavian house.

The morning room is a characteristic space of traditional English houses that was designed as a place to sit during the day and develop any activity.  Here is a cozy corner integrated into the kitchen and dining room where you have breakfast or visit.

This console, located at the entrance of the house, was found in a neighborhood kermesse with used items and its animated appearance -with eyes, nose, and legs- gives a playful character to this area.  The floor of the house -except in the kitchen and dining room- has this French lamella veneer whose appearance is very natural.


” When you live in a place, you have to do what your heart dictates.” That is, for the owner of this house in Bogotá, the synthesis of what the habitat means, and that is what this woman who for more than three decades has migrated to Colombia for love and whose home is an ode to sentimental values.

After living 12 years in this space, she and her husband – both professional artists – decided to drastically remodel their house, which is very similar to the typical English houses: tall, with multi-levels and narrow but deep areas. The purpose was to achieve greater lighting, ventilation, openness, and fluidity. we should build a scandinavian house.

With that in mind they undertook a work that involved eradicating a structural wall and many other divisions, discarding the false ceiling, exposing the original roof of parallel beams and several skylights, demolishing the massive stairs with railings to implement floating ones , removing doors and replace some with sliding doors, condition several windows with a central pivot to allow it to open 180 degrees, change floors, veneers and taps, eliminate an interior balcony and redesign the lighting.


scandinavian house

This work in the interior architecture not only integrated to a large extent the six half floors that make up this 195 square meter house, but it was the setting for the staging of interior design with tropical brushstrokes and Scandinavian essence. The first is manifested in fabrics designed by her, inspired by the Botanical Expedition and present in the furniture – a large part recycled and refurbished – and various objects. we should build a scandinavian house.

Meanwhile, the second is evident in the style of the furniture – many of them with the stroke of the fifties and sixties – the presence of indoor plants – something very common in Nordic countries given the vital need to have vegetation at home before the harsh winters-, the opening of the kitchen and the exhibition of its accessories, and -without bluntness- the design of lighting and the handling of color.

“For those of us who come from the north, we consider light fundamental because it is scarce. Our winters are dark, long and the light is limited, so I consider it an imperative to have it inside the house generating very warm environments, ” explains the owner. “Hence, I always concentrate on combining the three points of illumination of space: the ceiling, the middle level, and the floor,” he adds. And in this process, it is not only essential to complement natural lighting with artificial lighting but to appeal to the universe of atmospheres offered by colors. we should build a scandinavian house.

Although in Scandinavian interiors it is common to find very light tones, dark ranges are also seen, and these are the ones that fascinate the hostess, for whom they are the ideal canvas when coloring her home with multiple objects. It would seem paradoxical that a Swedish woman would like dark tones knowing how difficult it is to live in the shade, but her preference is based on two premises: the idea that dark blues or grays, in addition to black – guiding colors in her housing-, will provide neutrality n cesarian for decoration -in which highlight acids and strong-, and the conviction that there is no division between cold and warm, as a cold can become very warm and vice versa if known how to illuminate it.


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