What Heavy Machinery Can Be Found on a Building Site?

There are many different pieces of machinery and vehicles used on construction sites. A forklift is a smaller piece of heavy equipment that can move palletized materials safely across paved surfaces. Forklifts come in telescopic and articulating styles. If you’re looking for a more versatile piece of equipment, a rough terrain forklift is available to move heavy objects on uneven terrain.

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Some of the most common heavy machinery on a construction site is used for civil engineering projects. Wrecking ball cranes, for example, are used to demolish buildings. They use a huge steel ball to bring them down quickly. Not all projects require the same heavy machinery, but every construction project will need some type of big machine. Some common examples of these include excavators and loaders. For Plant Hire Leicester, visit harboroughhire.uk/

Excavators, bulldozers and front loaders are large diesel powered vehicles. They have two-part booms and large blades for digging and lifting materials. A bulldozer is also commonly paired with other heavy construction site equipment. Backhoes, for example, are used to move bulk materials from one location to another. They have a loader bucket at the front and a digging bucket at the end.

Tractors are another common piece of heavy machinery. Tractors can move and tow heavy equipment to a construction site. Tractors can handle nearly any earth-moving task, so they’re a useful piece of heavy machinery to have on your building site.

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Forklifts are another common piece of heavy machinery. These large vehicles are common at construction sites and warehouses. These vehicles consist of a lift cylinder, mast, backrest, and carriage. The main function of forklifts is to haul materials and other heavy equipment to and from construction sites. Dump trucks come in different sizes, so it’s important to make sure you know the capacity of each one before ordering.

Backhoes are also a common piece of construction machinery. They’re smaller than excavators, and feature arms that extend over the front of the machine and allow you to reach large objects with ease. They also have buckets that dig into the ground and are able to reach places you can’t access with other equipment. When used properly, backhoes are a very versatile piece of heavy machinery.

Dump trucks are an iconic vehicle of the construction site as they transport materials from one area to another and are often used to move waste materials. The front end of a dump truck can be raised by hydraulic rams, making it easy to deposit materials in a dump site. Dump trucks come in different sizes and complement the operations of other excavation machines.

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