6 ideas for healthy snacks recipes

healthy snacks recipes

Healthy snacks recipes– Many times we get home after a long day of work and what we least want is to start cooking. Or, surprise, some friends come to dinner at home and you need to improvise. Therefore, in this article we give you 6 ideas of easy appetizers with which you will succeed.

Are you one of those who do not want to cook when you get home? Or of which you have friends or relatives who come by surprise at home for dinner? If the answer has been affirmative to either of the two questions, read on. Here are several ideas for healthy snacks recipes so that your time in the kitchen is as small as possible.

6 ideas for healthy snacks recipes

6 ideas for healthy snacks recipes


When we talk about healthy snacks recipes, the first meal that comes to mind is sandwiches. These save our lives at any time of the day: mid-morning, at lunchtime if you do not have much time for it, for lunch or dinner if you have eaten something heavy and you are not hungry.

Its simplicity when it comes to making them makes it one of our ideas for quick appetizers. You only need mold bread and stuffing inside. This filling can be virtually any element.

There are simpler sandwiches, such as sausage or pate, but you can also make more elaborate ones. We leave you a series of ideas for its preparation:

  • Tomato and pesto.
  • Swiss chard, egg and cheese.
  • Eggplant and cheese .
  • Crab cream

As you can see, the options are multiple and it will take only a few minutes to have them ready to serve.


Another idea of ​​healthy snacks recipes are the tostas. You will need bread for the base and a meat or fish to place on top. As a complement, and so that the meat or the fish does not get to be dry, you can use a sauce or cream. Having the ingredients ready, the preparation of the tostas will take you 5 minutes and the presentation at the table will be very good.

The second alternative to toast is to use round bread crumbs.  Being empty you can include in the same ingredients that we talked about previously. Another form of presentation for improvised dinners.

Finally, as the third and last alternative to the traditional toasts, you can place on the table bread rolls and different sauces and spreads. From the kitchen to the plate in less than 2 minutes.

Tomato and white cheese

To make this appetizer you will need:

  • Tomato in thin slices.
  • White cheese sliced.
  • Sliced ​​bread.
  • As an optional ingredient, virgin olive oil.

If you have all these ingredients, you just have to place the tomato and cheese on top of the bread. As a tip, we recommend that you use the virgin olive oil on the table so that each diner can choose whether or not to include it.

Dates with bacon

Another of the ideas for healthy snacks recipes is the skewers of dates with bacon. Although you probably have to use an appliance depending on how you want to cook, this will only take a few minutes.

You will need dates without bone and bacon. You must roll each slice of bacon and place a toothpick in the middle so that the wrap does not fall apart. Once you have them ready, you can fry them in the pan or, if you prefer that the bacon does not have so much fat, put them in the oven or in the microwave.


The wraps are becoming a regular meal today. For this reason, you can use this food to serve it at your dinners or for a day where you do not feel like going into your kitchen.

You will need corn tortillas for the wrap. The other ingredients, which are what you include inside the tortilla, you can choose to your liking. Bacon, ham York , chicken, sauteed vegetables. There are many options that you can use to make the wraps. If you do not decide on one of them, you can cut the tortillas in small portions and include different ingredients for each one.


Skewers are another quick snack idea. Again, you can use the ingredients that you prefer, from different cheeses, to chicken with vegetables, prawns with zucchini … Mix the possibilities according to your tastes and those of your guests if you have guests. Place small portions of each ingredient on a long skewer and you will have the skewer ready in a few minutes.

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