16 Delicious recipes for Chinese food that you can make at home

These tasty Chinese noodles with many vegetables. 

Sesame oil is an important ingredient for these noodles to remain as a restaurant, not to mention the speed with which you can achieve this dish, and you yourself will believe it.

A citrus and tasty chicken with pineapple. 

If you like Chinese food, orange chicken you’ve eaten until you’re tired … but what you should know is that you can use other citrus juices to flavor that special chicken you want to prepare. In this recipe you’re going to need a can of pineapple juice and you want to eat … yes, it’s that easy.

Chinese rice three delights, you will not want to eat anything more than this. 

Shrimp, egg, jamoncito and your trusted vegetables, all this sautéed and using a rice base. Colors, variety of flavors and the satisfaction of achieving the typical dish we order when we go to a Chinese restaurant.

 A divine bittersweet chicken. Yummy 

It is practically impossible to hate the taste of sweet and sour sauce, it is something that is made to cheer everyone up equally. This recipe will make you look like a chef when everyone at the table sees the crispy and colorful chicken in front of them.

 A warm soup of corn and chicken, for the soul. 

How good this sopita falls to the body, and not to mention the taste it gives to your palate. The idea is to make a simple caldito with pieces of chicken, garlic and ginger. Then add corn, cornstarch, salt and pepper to taste. It is so easy to do that you will not believe it .

 These empanaditas completely paleo and stuffed with pork. 

If yours is the dim sum try these paleo and gluten-free empanaditas made with tapioca flour and almond flour. The cool thing about this recipe is that you make the patties yourself, and so everything is quite natural. The stuffed pork is seasoned with garlic and ginger, while the empanadas are steamed.

 Prepare these eggplants with honey and soybeans that will brighten your life. 

This recipe is simple and divine, there is nothing more to add. The taste of honey and soy is perfect to accompany the eggplant with white rice and steal everyone’s attention at the table.

 A fresh salad of cabbage / stewed cabbage with chicken. 

This salad is different and better than many, it is served warm and not cold. The idea is to mix cabbage or cabbage, red bell pepper, cilantro and then season with sesame or sesame oil, soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Grilled chicken goes upstairs if you want some protein.

 A spectacular chicken satay. 

Look no further, here is an excellent recipe for this typical and tasty chicken marinated with a sweet sauce, peanuts and coconut. It is supposed that the satay must come presented in spikes, but here they suggest you eat it with white arrocito.

 A homemade dim sum of meat that will make your mouth water. 

Fans of Chinese food, this recipe goes for you. The ideal would be to make it with steamer or simply steamed, but the truth is that you will not regret once you give the first bite to these stuffed Chinese rolls.

 Chicken in lemon sauce, it will become your favorite. 

Not everything is bittersweet, orange, or soy sauce in Chinese food, and this lemon chicken is the best proof of that. Once you prepare this tender and juicy chicken milanesa you will ask yourself if you really want to continue going to Chinese restaurants or, on the contrary, choose to make your own healthy divinity at home.

A healthy and tasty dish: vegetables sauteed Asian style. 

Take mushrooms, cabbage, peppers of various colors, carrots, onions and you’re ready to saute all this in a wok with white wine, garlic and soy sauce. You can also use the vegetables of your choice and do not forget to sprinkle with sesame seeds when you serve it on the plate.

Tasty chicken with almonds. 

Chicken, almonds, carrots, green peppers and everything dressed with soy sauce, a few teaspoons of red wine and a touch of oyster sauce.

Chinese chicken meatballs that will make you smile. 

To achieve this Asian flavor you need to grind the chicken and then you are ready to season and fry these Chinese meatballs dropped from the sky.

 Try this flavor explosion called chicken chop suey. 

The chop suey is, literally, bits of mixed vegetables, and it’s something super typical in Americanized Chinese food that we in the West are more than used to ask. If you are vegetarian you can make this recipe without chicken and only with the vegetables that you have in the fridge, it will still be a dream.

 Make a Chinese soup with noodles in 10 minutes. Really! 

Many of us would love to take soups more often, but we do not because the preparation usually takes more time than we are willing to invest in the kitchen. That’s it, this soup recipe with noodles, eggs and shrimp comes to brighten your days and, best of all, you’ll only need to invest 10 minutes of your time. It really is delicious and easy, check it out here .

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