5 foods that you should avoid to lose weight in just 2 days

Those dates come where we have thousands of commitments and we do not stop eating, we already have the prepared outfits and we realize three days before that pants that were left like a glove now does not close … what happened?

This is usually related to those moments of swelling in which our body is often found and which make us look like we have gained between 2 and 3 kilos although we think that we have not eaten so much that this happens. And of course, begin the burdens and anger and we think that the best thing we can do is stop eating during the previous three days, but you know that is not the most sensible for your body .

No, it is not … so keep reading to find out how to get rid of the swelling in two days and go ideal to that dinner, event or meeting you had and for which you had already chosen your best garment .

There are foods that are necessary in our diet , but also that are responsible for inflating more than necessary , if we stop eating we will not lose fat , but if liquid , getting this way feel lighter and it seems that we have lost those 2 or 3 kilos more . Do not consume these foods for two days and return to feel great with your body.

1. Salt: the salt is not good, on the contrary … the consumption of this helps the retention of liquid which makes you feel and look more bloated. To alleviate this sensation, start by reducing the sodium intake in one spoonful , this will reduce your weight in water . Anyway, you know that you can not abuse the consumption of it in general terms, so you can start applying this custom to your day to day in general.

2. Raw vegetables: we know that fresh vegetables are usually those necessary foods in our diet, but there are some that swell us more than necessary, so the days before your event try to avoid them or choose to cook them. Nutritionally you will have the same benefits , the only thing is that it will not occupy so much space in your belly. Therefore, stop eating and having a salad because although it seems the healthiest it is not.

3. Foods that produce gases: avoid these days soda , alcohol and even coffee , as they are drinks that can cause swelling and even gas , something that does not favor us if what we want is to feel lighter. Here we could also put food like sweets and although you do not believe it, some vegetables such as lettuce or cauliflower can also affect us in this aspect … forget about them!

4. Do not ever eat spicy things: the spicy is one of those foods that take a long time to be digested and they are usually so heavy that they end up making our belly look like it weighs more than we realize and even we are able to notice it . Obviously, it is a food that has its benefits but at the moment it is not indicated. The best thing you can do is control it during these days.

5. Stop chewing gum: we should not “cheat” our brain by chewing gum, as this does not work and in the end what we get is causing certain problems in our digestive system . In addition, every time we chew we make air enter our body that will eventually swell us.

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