Bands that have played Glastonbury

The Pilton Pop Festival, or Glastonbury, or even Glasto, has become a staple fixture of the summer season. Hordes of young and older adults descend on the site to soak up three days of music and alternative culture. It’s the largest festival in the UK and by far the most popular. It attracts global talent and global visitors. The only way to do it properly is to camp. You’ll need plenty of gear to be comfortable. This is where a trailer comes in handy. You’ll need Trailer Parts from to make sure it’s legal.

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Famous bands and artists that have played the coveted Saturday night spot are:

Hawkwind – With more lineup changes than Premier League Managers, this band is the epitome of the original spirit of Glastonbury. You’ll never have heard their songs, but you will have listened to the countless bands that have copied them through the years.

Pulp – Famously stepping in for the Stone Roses at the last minute, these Brit Pop leaders wowed the stage in 1995. A memorable performance of Common People ended the set.

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Radiohead – Not the funniest of bands for a party night, but they still rocked the festival, eschewing some of the darker stuff for the more popular tunes Creep and Fake plastic trees, the nearest you’ll get to a singalong song with them.

Stormzy – Whilst seen as an indie/rock festival, the Rapper soon turned that around with an intense barnstorming performance, plus an incredibly poignant fashion statement.

Orbital – Over on the other stage, the Hartnoll Brothers have consistently provided trip-hop beats to overwhelm the senses.

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