What is drain lining?

We are all aware of the drainage systems in our homes, particularly when there is a blockage that causes your plug holes to back up into your sinks. But have you ever heard of lining a drain and the work of a Drain Lining Company?

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When damage occurs to drainage pipes that are located deep below the surface it can cause a lot of disruption, time and money to fix them. This is where drain lining can help. This is a way in which a drainage pipe can be supported when a leak or crack appears without the need for digging up the entire road to take out and replace a pipe section. It is classed as a noninvasive way of dealing with drain problems, where the lining can be placed inside the pipe from ground level.

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A polymer lining is placed into the drain that bonds to the inside material of the pipe. It essentially gives the drain a second skin from within the pipe which then means any cracks of leaks that have appeared in the existing pipe will no longer cause an issue. Although the diameter of the pipe is reduced slightly it is a better option than digging up the ground to repair the cracked pipe from the outside.

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