Why New York is such a fashion Mecca

It’s no surprise that a sprawling Metropolis like New York City has brought so many strong fashion designers to the fore.  This strong and vibrant City acts as a conduit for many artistic talents.  It gives them the space and the imagination to come up with some of the most boldest and brave designs that the fashion industry has ever seen.  What other reasons are there for this?  Being one of the largest and most populous cities in the world the desire to do well and get on is greatly enhanced.  Wanting to stand out from the crowd is completely understandable.  Therefore you only have to look at designers like Calvin Klein Menswear, available from EJ Menswear, who himself came from humble upbringings,  would want to make a name for themselves and stand out.

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New York City is like no other City.  It is loud, brash and confident and this reflects also in the people who live there. At one time it was something of a badge of honour to say that you lived in New York.  It is also the place where many settlers came originally to live in the new world.  A great part of the city’s inhabitants can trace their ancestors back to the Irish, Italian, Polish route. There is also a strong Dutch contingent.  In fact the city was once called New Amsterdam and was settled by the Dutch first.

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Is it any wonder then that so much fashion comes from New York? In a city that never sleeps with millions of souls living in it, the desire to turn heads must be absolutely enormous.

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