Summer maintenance jobs that boost your home’s value           

Your home or rental property needs regular maintenance to prevent costly issues, keep it looking its best and boost its overall value. Read on for our top summer maintenance jobs that can increase your property’s appeal and value.
Your summer checklist

1.      Boiler Service: Get that all-important annual boiler service done during the summer months. This reduces waiting times and allows for checks whilst it’s not in use. Consider upgrading to an A-rated boiler for better energy efficiency, particularly if you have an older model that may be less appealing to potential buyers.

2.      Exterior Painting: Summer’s warm weather helps paint dry quickly. Paint walls, fences, doors and other exteriors in fresh, neutral shades while the sun is shining. Take the time to repair windowsills to prevent wood damage.

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3.      Maintain Drains: Less rainfall, falling leaves and warm temperatures (and therefore no freeze-thaw of pipes) make summer the perfect time to tackle drainage problems before they develop. For repairs and drain lining Gloucester, contact a specialist such as

4.      Repointing: Repoint brickwork, especially in older homes, during the warmer months to reduce dampness and enhance wall durability.

5.      Chimney Cleaning: Got a chimney? Get it cleaned in late spring or summer to prepare for winter’s fireplace use. Your professional can also check for fire hazards to keep you and your family safe.

6.      Check the Roof: Inspect your roof for damaged shingles, flashing, tiles or moss buildup. An avoidable leak could be costly and disruptive and reduce your home’s appeal to potential buyers or tenants. Learn how best to inspect your roof here.

7.      Improve Your Driveway: Enhance kerb appeal by boosting your driveway’s appearance and value. Asphalt is best for warm weather, while concrete prefers cooler, dry conditions.

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In conclusion

Checking these summer maintenance tasks off your list will help keep your property in tip-top condition and avoid potentially costly repair work later in the year. You’ll also add to your home’s kerb appeal and boost its potential value if you’re planning a sale. After all, a well-maintained home is a much more attractive prospect to a potential buyer or tenant.

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