How to wash black clothes without fading?

How to wash black clothes without fading

Washing clothes do not simply consist of putting the detergent in the washing machine and giving it to a program of the ones indicated on the panel or control panel of the appliance. It is important to take good care of the garments because the washing has a direct relationship with the permanence of the color. If you do not know very well how to wash black clothes without fading, we will explain everything you have to do and what soaps you should choose. It is apart from explaining other homemade tricks on how to wash black clothes without fading.

How to wash black clothes without fading

It occurs especially with dark clothes or black ones. And they are tones with which we must be very careful because dark garments are easily denied. Washing dark clothes is not that complicated. Just follow a few steps and advice before your first wash, as well as later.

How to wash black clothes without fading

When talking about how to wash black clothes without fading, there is a trick that is very good when the dark garment is washed for the first time. This prevents it from quickly losing color.

The trick is to immerse the garment inside a basin with water and a stream of apple cider vinegar because it helps to fix the color. It is important that the clothing has been previously turned over. After leaving it submerged for about 15 minutes. It is time to wash it. The first thing to keep in mind is to check the label that indicates the washing instructions and care of the garment to avoid making mistakes.

Turn over dark or black clothing before putting it in the washing machine. It will prevent the color from running out and, moreover, this loss of tone is not uniform.

The dark or black clothes always have to be washed in cold water because the hot water helps to eliminate the inks that have been used to give it the color. Some washing machines have a specific program. Always choose one with a temperature that does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is important that the program you choose is of short duration to prevent clothing from being washed for a long time.

The detergent is another of the key pieces when talking about how to wash black clothes so you do not lose color. It is always important to use detergent for black clothes. They are already prepared to avoid that loss of color by not containing additives or bleaches.

If the clothes have some gear, you can use the special stain remover for black clothes or a normal one, with bleaching effect, before washing it to eliminate it. With great care and only if it is totally necessary because they tend to drag the color. Therefore, it is always preferable that you choose those bleaches that are specific to colored clothing.

Home tricks to keep black clothes

keep black clothes

In addition, from the tips that we have already given you on how to wash black clothes so you do not lose color, you can also put into practice a few homemade tricks to keep dark or black clothes. They are very helpful.

In addition, they are easy to use because you have to enter some products that we will indicate inside the washing machine. These are the ones that will help you to fix the dark color and that does not discolor the clothes:

Apple cider vinegar: It is good to add a cup because it helps to conserve black and dark garments because this product helps to fix the colors and that there are no accumulated remains of detergent on the fabric. And do not worry about the smell because it evaporates during the wash cycle.

Black pepper: Adding black pepper when the laundry starts to lose color due to the accumulation of detergent is useful because it prevents it from sticking, apart from removing possible remains that may have been left over from previous washing.

Coffee or black tea: These drinks are also very useful to maintain color. And it is that they are two natural dyes. In fact, they are used to dye brown or black fabrics in an artisanal way.

Tips to dry dark or black clothes to avoid losing color

If the whole washing process is important when talking about washing clothes so that it does not lose color, it is no less how to dry it because it is also an important step to keep it in perfect condition for longer. This is what you have to keep in mind to dry your black clothes well and prevent them from losing color:

It is not convenient to use the dryer because the heat helps to eliminate the color more. If you have no choice but to use the dryer because you do not have time to dry your clothes and you need that item of clothing, the only advice that can be followed is to use temperature as low as possible depending on the material with which it is made.

Dark or black garments always have to be dried outdoors. It is very important to place it in a place where the sun does not shine because it also discolors it. It should always be in the shade.

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