Three considerations when purchasing motor trade insurance

Navigating the maze of policies can be difficult

If you operate a business which requires the staff to drive or if they deal with customer vehicles, insurance is compulsory to protect against financial loss. Choosing the right policy and navigating the maze through all the policies available can be difficult.

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Before getting a quote, you must decide what you want your policy to cover. Motor trade policies can provide a wide range of options. When deciding on the level of cover, it may be worth considering which elements of the business could not operate if the worst was to happen. The true question is can you really afford to be without the policy? Having this safety net in place means you can continue to run the business without having to worry about accidents.

The basic cover is third party only, which is the minimum required by law. This offers only basic protection as the name suggests. If a driver hits a third party, that party’s costs are covered by your insurer, but you will suffer the loss in relation to damage to your own vehicle. Third party, fire and theft provides a higher level of cover while comprehensive insurance includes the full range of elements plus accidental damage.

Avoid withholding information as this can be costly

Each business will have different requirements, and it’s important to look at the various options and consider what best suits your needs. According to Insurance Business UK motorists in the UK are now paying around £774 on average – or 6 per cent less than in 2018, which is good news for the entire industry, business and personal. Drivers requiring motor trade insurance can receive comprehensive information and prices from Quote Me Today.

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An important point when organising insurance is to avoid withholding any information in the hope that you will save yourself money. Ultimately, this will cost you more. Dishonesty is certainly not the best policy and it’s essential to be upfront. If false information is provided, this could result in your policy becoming void.

Business owners should be aware that the cheapest price is not always going to provide the best level of cover. The insurance provider will discuss your business needs with you and ensure that you are covered adequately.

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