10 tips to save on car insurance

Do you want to hire cheap car insurance ? Today we give you the keys and tips to save on the insurance of your car while maintaining all the necessary coverages.

Do you think it is impossible mission? Then keep reading!

Your cheapest car insurance with these 10 tricks

Cancel your previous insurance

Something as simple as canceling the policy you have with the previous company is the cause of a large number of queries we receive daily, with problems such as duplicate payments and missed deadlines . To avoid shocks  notify the cancellation of your insurance in writing more than 2 months in advance to your insurer. (All info on how to change insurance company .)

Analyze and compare

As insurance advisors we could not give you another advice: compare, compare and compare . Not only prices but also covers and details that can go unnoticed at first sight and that end up making sure that a priori they may seem cheaper.

To help you in this task we offer you our online insurance comparator , a powerful and intuitive tool that compares all available options and teaches you  the ones that best suit your needs , along with our outstanding recommendation tailored personally to your profile. driver and the car you want to insure. Never before has it been so simple!

Consult an expert


Do not stay with doubts  and consult an insurance professional if you need any clarification. In Peris we advise you professionally and objectively and we take into account your needs to offer you the best result. In addition, being runners can benefit from many other advantages , such as defense against your insurer in case there were problems and central management of all your paperwork. And without added costs to your insurance!

Contract the coverage that best fits

Because you do not buy XXL size trousers when you are served with an M, it is also not necessary to contract each and every one of the coverages that the companies offer you . Check, compare and check that you are not paying too much (eye: not least! )

Franchise, yes or no?

Do you want to drastically reduce your risk premium? Then he values ​​the option of including a franchise,  a fixed amount of money from which the insurer begins to pay in the event of an accident.

The larger the franchised amount the lower the price of the policy, but also increases your liability for damages.

Save with third party insurance?

It includes the minimum coverages that must be contracted by law, the mandatory Civil Liability of the insured . They are, therefore, the cheapest insurance.

However, third party insurance is not always the best option. Do you have a new car? By not covering the damages themselves in the event of an accident you will find a very high bill due to the high market value of the vehicle (the value of the car if sold at the time of the accident, taking into account its characteristics, problems and seniority .) Is it an old car? Then it can be interesting, since its market value will be much smaller.

Your account history

When you go to hire insurance there is little you can do about it, but you must keep it in mind for the future: the more parts you have given in your history as the driver will be the amount to pay, as it increases the loss ratio .

Drive responsibly and get your pocket to notice it in the renewal of your insurance.

Pay attention to the payment method

It is important that you consider what is the payment method that will be the best price. Sometimes paying the total amount in a  single payment can be cheaper than  fractionally  so always keep in mind both modalities and choose the one that best suits your needs.

New technologies, to the rescue

At this point we should not be surprised by the fact that there are mobile applications for each and every one of the ideas that come to mind. ¿ Save on your car insurance with an app ? Well, too, thanks to Drivies !

This pocket assistant earns you points for good driving that you can then exchange for discounts when you go to hire your insurance. Among other actions, Drivies is capable of detecting  excess speed of more than 15 km / h, distractions due to the use of mobile phones and sudden driving patterns , as well as indicating if your driving is efficient.

And if you have not bought your car yet …

If you want cheap insurance and have not yet bought the car, keep in mind that the more power and equipment, the higher the price of insurance . The reason is that the insurer is more expensive to repair a car the higher its range, while a modest one will allow us to save both the acquisition of the vehicle and the insurance.

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