Top tips for getting to know your new neighbourhood

If you’ve moved to a new neighbourhood, you’ll have plenty of great opportunities to get to know new people. But how do you make the process easy? Here are some great and easily workable ideas to get you started.

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1. Go say hi

There are plenty of everyday opportunities to simply say hello to a new neighbour and see where it leads you. If you have a dog to walk, kids to play ball with, a garden to tend or errands to run, you’re bound to run into at least one person. Say hello, smile and say that you’re new to the area if they respond. If people seem brisk, don’t worry. They might simply be in a rush, so try again and look for that reciprocal smile which invites conversation.

2. Throw a housewarming party

If you’re naturally sociable, then a housewarming can be a great way to meet lots of new people at once. Invite kids if you have them and get everyone in the garden if you have space. Some punch and nibbles or a BBQ will be enough to get neighbours in and show that you’re friendly and ready to integrate! It’s good for us to know our neighbours, as this article tells us

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3. Look for a group

Whether you volunteer at a non-profit organisation, attend a church, join a coffee group or sign up to a sports class, groups are a great way to find like-minded people and to build new friendships. If you’re looking to downsize, perhaps, park homes for sale Gloucester or surrounds offer a great opportunity with lots of new neighbours to meet too!

4. Get out and explore

Really get out and learn about your new neighbourhood. Visit a local family-run restaurant. Sign up to a community centre class. See a local am dram play or attend a local sports team event. As you get out and mix you will start to become visible and encourage locals to come and say hello. Your involvement also shows that you want to be part of the neighbourhood. If you can help others then all the better!

Remember that proactivity is the key to feeling at home in your new neighbourhood – so get out there and show that you’re friendly!

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