Boiler Safety maintenance

A working boiler is without a doubt a modern household essential, so looking after it is vital to ensure it maximises its potential and doesn’t cost you when you most need it.

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Annual Service

An annual service is vital in maintaining boiler efficiency and can help to prevent potential issues. It is a good idea to schedule the service for late summer, as it is often easier to gain an appointment and will help to prepare your boiler for the winter months ahead. Safety is a must when it comes to your boiler, and the service should always be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer.


Ventilation is an important factor when considering boiler efficiency. Clearing out the cupboard and ensuring it can breathe will improve its functionality but could also save your life. Leaks, cracks or noises could all be warning signs of potential issues, so keeping the clutter at bay means you are more likely to spot such issues sooner.

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Deal with Problems

It goes without saying that it’s prudent to deal with issues before they develop – this way potential problems can be corrected before the onset of winter, so you can be certain that heading into the chillier weather you won’t be left in the cold. If you need to get a new boiler from a Boiler Installation Gloucester company then one option available is , it is often easier to schedule this in the summer too, as engineers are often more available and less likely to be dealing with emergencies.


It is advisable to keep a regular check on your boiler, even during warm weather. Turning the heating on for a short time will help to not only check it is functioning but also spot any potential issues before they develop further.

Fuel Efficiency

A newer boiler is more efficient than an old one, and although it can be a costly option, in the long run replacing an inefficient model could save you money. An unreliable boiler could see you spending money for engineer call-outs or costly repairs.

Looking after one of the most important and often expensive assets in your home is vital to ensure your home is heated efficiently, particularly in the colder months. We all know how much nicer it is to feel cosy whilst sitting on the sofa watching some television.

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