Fabulous Fabric World Records

Is there anything that people will not do to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records when it comes to setting world records? If you can think of it, a record exists for it. Let’s take a look at some amazing records that involve fabric.

On the 27th of June 2016, 2,600 people were simultaneously handwashing fabric. This was done in Madhya Pradesh in India. Ariel set up the challenge and everyone involved was required to wash fabric for five minutes at once to break the record.

The biggest fabric Marbling painting was achieved by 400 young children in Turkey. It was over 164 metres long and broke the previous record that was also achieved in Turkey. 

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Margaret Pollard, a UK resident, stitched the largest piece of embroidery. The scenes are from C.S Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. The total stitching area was 878 square feet.

The Embroiderers’ Guild began a very long embroidery in 2003. It reached a length of 1,986.77 feet. The work was displayed in shows and exhibitions around the UK so that people could continue to stitch it. The work of art was completed in autumn 2004 after a staggering 7000 embroidery artists added their stitches.

Malaysia has set a record for the largest number of fabric flowers decorated in a single project. The project involved thousands of people from different backgrounds. It culminated with 63,682 fabric flowers decorated. Inmates from the Prison Department were among those who participated. 

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes organised a massive event of simultaneous knitting. This mammoth session of knitting brought together an impressive 3,083 participants. You might not break any records but to get involved in your own knitting adventure, consider using a Macrame Kit. Try Macrame Kits from Wool Couture.

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Longest Table Cloth: A group of Italians hold the record for producing the world’s largest tablecloth, measuring 5,784 feet.

Malaysians have set yet another record with the largest bag. 1,492 people collaborated to make the largest bag in the world, while 606 others sewed at the same moment. This was a new record. All of this took place at an event held by Perbadanan Putrajaya.

This record will make you laugh. David Babcock knitted while running the Kansas City Marathon! David Babcock was raising money for an Alzheimer’s Charity. He knitted a 3.7 metre long purple and yellow scarf.


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