Give your outfits a vintage touch

If you’re thinking about your summer outfits for everything that you have planned, we’ve got you. This summer, we’re not doing basic outfits and un-accessorized sundresses. And if you’re a fan of vintage looks, it’s even better. Finding some oldies to add to your outfits is a great way to make them more original and to get that eclectic look. In this article we are suggesting some pieces that you can add to any outfit in order to spice things up and have a vintage vibe. Read along and get your bags ready for some thrift shopping.

Leather bags

The first suggestion has more of a retro vibe to it, but it works with pretty much everything. You know those tacky leather bags that all the mean girls used to wear in the 90s? That’s what you wanna get for this summer. Not only are they back in the trends, but they are easy to thrift and they can take any basic outfit to another level. Our suggestion is to make sure you get this bag in a bright color or fun pattern, for that controversial touch to the outfit. Wear it with a white shirt and jeans or add it to a night out outfit. It works great with modern pieces as it gives the look a double vibe.

Reinterpreted capes

If you’re on the more dressy side and you like the old times when women wore a dress for every occasion, this next suggestion is for you. The most common jacket for women in the old times used to be a cape. Because of the puffiness of the dresses, anything else would be impossible to wear,  modern reinterpretation of those capes are shawls and ponchos. These items are great to throw over any dress, but for a mixed look, you can wear it over a modern pair of jeans. Choose one with some fun patterns for a more modern approach or go for a simple colored one for a classy look. The best part is that you can dress your poncho up or down, making it work in various combinations.

Dad trousers

No matter if you’re thinking about summer shorts or long pants, dad trousers are always an option. What we mean by dad trousers is that pair of baggy jeans with a washed out look that just makes you think of your dad. Apart from the jeans, you can also check out some proper carrot trousers with vintage patterns for the same effect. Same goes for shorts, they should be baggy, high wasted and have a pattern or a light wash look. They go with any top and they are very flattering due to the high waist. Bonus points if you get them from the men’s section, as you’ll have very spacious pockets.

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