How to deal with negative emotions and make them positive

Living positive emotions is something natural, and you have to learn what I’m about to explain. You can find many online guides, but reading them, I realized that they don’t go beyond “good advice.” I want to show you how to move from theory to practice. Let’s discover how to deal with negative emotions.

For this I will give you some exercises, to do immediately, that will have a real impact on your life. But first, you have to do my emotions test. Otherwise, what I will explain to you may be impossible to achieve. While answering this question, you could change your life.

How to deal with negative emotions?

The first thing to understand is what I call ” emotional independence.” You have to realize that your emotions depend for nothing on what happens to you or what others do: every emotion depends on you instead.

Understand that the emotions you experience do not come from the outside and that nothing and nobody has the power to provoke them, it means transforming your life profoundly, because this has a huge concrete implication.

You have always created your emotions. Obviously, so far, you never knew what was going on. How does this change your life? First of all, nobody really has power over you. If I can make you angry or sick with my actions, I control you, I can manipulate you.

How to deal with negative emotions

What can you fear?

  • Why try it: the 4 roots (pretensions, addictions, selfishness and mental weakness).
  • An exercise for each root.
  • Some tests to find out if you are selfish.
  • 2 tests (a really difficult one) to see if you have an addiction to someone.

I’ll explain to you how you can live a life without fear (showing you what steps you have to take). I recommend it now because you will never be able to eliminate your negative emotions if you do not free yourself before fear.

Start taking control of your emotions

What I do is immediately offer you a simple exercise that you need to become familiar with your thoughts and emotions.

What you think generates your emotions and only by becoming aware of your thoughts, your judgments, your evaluations, can you stop creating all the negative emotions that make you feel bad.

This is a basic exercise and has two functions: on the one hand, you become familiar with your thoughts and judgments, which are the true source of your emotions.

On the other hand, gradually put yourself in the conditions of being able to modify everything you think through a transformation of your vision of reality.

Control emotion by eliminating the claim

How to deal with negative emotions

One of the main causes of negative emotions is claims. Now I will clearly explain to you what distinguishes a claim and why it seems so important for us to have our demands met.

But keep in mind that no pretense, no matter how good we look, is useful for feeling good. You don’t have to believe me on the word, but reflect on what I tell you. Let us assume that you have a claim which, however, you consider positive. I’ll immediately point out two very important things.

Claim means pressure: the other who gets angry because he tries to “force you” to do as he says, is sick, cries or uses other ways to “manipulate” you and get what you want. It is not something you like, why should it be pleasant for others?

You don’t need to get something from others, nothing you have will make you happy. Your happiness, like all your emotions, depends on how you live. If you live with joy getting something and if you live with as much joy if you don’t get it, then you are happy, you don’t need to pretend (so you eliminate the best opportunities to be sick!) And nothing has more power over you. Freedom, which rhymes with happiness.

As you can see, the moment you begin to take your life in hand, discovering how to manage emotions, transforming them from negative to positive, you gain great power over your happiness and you can do without pretending, manipulating, coercing, being sick.

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