Three common HTML 5 banner ad mistakes

Banner advertising can be extremely successful; however, there are a number of common mistakes made by advertisers that can limit the success of their advertising strategy.
1. Colour mistakes

A poor choice of colours can limit the impact a banner ad makes. In addition to ensuring the colours of your banner ads reflect your brand and are pleasing to the eye, it is important to think about how colours can impact human emotions.

According to the University of Southern California, more than five trillion display ads are published every year, which means standing out for the right reasons is essential. Remember that your goal is to encourage your target audience to click on your banner ads, so you need to ensure they associate your brand with positive outcomes.

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  1. Miscalculating timings for HTML 5 adsHTML 5 ads support animations, but there are some best practices to keep in mind when using this approach. As we have collectively become accustomed to having the answers we are looking for presented to us quickly and efficiently, we don’t have the attention spans we once did.

    Banner ads with excessively long run times are ultimately not going to capture attention and will struggle to deliver a positive return on investment (ROI).

    3. Poor font choices

    When you are competing for attention online, making an immediate impact is essential. Font choices matter, as they can mean the difference between capturing the attention of your ideal audience and being overlooked entirely to the advantage of your competitors.

    Remember that your banner ads should be easy to understand at a glance, even when experimenting with video content, transitions, and animations.

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In short, make sure you don’t neglect your core message when designing and developing your banner ads.

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