15 digital creative advertising examples

advertising examples

Advertising examples is currently part of our daily bread. Traditional marketing. As well as the widespread use of social networks, place us in a scenario in which we find advertisements in almost any medium.

Among all the online resources that we can use to reach it. We have the possibility to prepare the launch of original announcements. Of those that are not seen every day.

However, you will agree with me that the inspiration to create this kind of ads does not come every day. So, what do you think if we define this concept and see some creative examples?

Definition of advertisement

the advertising examples

Before getting down to work analyzing and reviewing examples of ads impregnated with creativity, let’s start at the beginning. Let’s dig a little deeper into the theoretical part of the matter, do you think?

What is an advertisement?

An advertisement is that piece of communication that is created with the clear objective of promoting a product, a service or an event.

That is to say, it is that message that is launched with the clear objective of publicizing. And not only to inform about a specific topic. Here, let’s not confuse the fact that it is advertising examples, with which it must necessarily be commercial.

In this sense, an advertisement is commercial if it tries to sell something. Or make an economic transaction. However, it is not commercial if what is advertised is, for example, a public service.

On the other hand, an advertisement can be launched in almost any format:

  • Spots
  • Graphics in press.
  • External advertising examples.
  • Radio wedge.
  • Movie trailer.
  • And a long etc.

What are the characteristics of the best advertisement?

The announcements can be composed by many different elements that vary in function of the channel that is used to spread them. They can carry a slogan, a graphic element, an audio file.

Be that as it may, there are certain features that help considerably to make an ad better and, therefore, easily reach users:


An ad must always be credible. Even with the exaggeration of these ads, they must convey a realistic message that can be classified as credible.


As I said at the beginning, if you want to create the best ad. You must not forget that it must include a different element that lasts in the minds of users.


Although there are spots that play with the abstract to encourage reflection through confusion.  More about making things easy. It offers information in a clear and concise way, and you will have much won with your ad.


Although a parallel reality or a universe of fiction is created. A good advertisement is one that generates empathy, through real stories contrasted with truthful information.

What functions do the advertisements perform?

It is clear that if you do not invest in launching powerful marketing campaigns. But your competition does. It will be easier for your brand to fall into oblivion.

However, there are more compelling reasons that will encourage you to launch your own ads.

As these have a function:


It is the most basic function of advertising examples. Since it helps inform users of the existence of something they may not know.


This is the function we all seek in advertising examples, to attract users and convince them of the benefits of our product.


Therefore, ads are one of the key elements to improve the sales figure thanks to the attraction of potential customers.

Although it is interesting to define in detail what an advertisement is, and what its functions can contribute to your marketing strategy, the best way to get inspiration is by looking at other original spots that have already worked.

With this I do not mean that you base your advertising campaign on the plagiarism of creative works of third parties, because this could cause you problems of brand reputation, but you generate new ideas from other examples.

Examples of advertisements

As I have been saying, I have selected some examples of advertising that I personally liked, and that at the time worked very well and came to achieve the objectives set by the company.

Funny advertisements

Among the different emotional marketing practices that we can apply in an advertisement, there are different aspects that work very well; melancholy, love, empathy, etc.

They use classic art and humor to convey the power of the espresso coffee they offer. Creativity and humor in a single graphic!

The next ad in this category belongs to the marketing campaign of a design magazine. Campaign launched when they stopped editing the printed version in favor of the new digital version.

Design Element ales shows us in this graphic the other side of the screen in the mobile device, and with great humor we see the reaction to your new magazine.

Creative ads with slogan

The slogan is an important part of the ads for its work as a representative element of a brand and because, well used, it is very catchy and easy to remember.

The slogan is nothing more than the set of words that will put the brand in the” short-list “of consumers.

However, not all companies are committed to include a slogan in their campaigns. And there are those who use it, but they do not get it to be catchy.

On the other hand, there are other brands that have made their slogan part of the colloquial language of the street. In fact, some of these phrases are still used a long time after having finished those advertising campaigns.

The art of creating good slogans comes from far back, practically since they began to advertise products, before existing the modern means of communication that we know today.

Staying in those that have been created since television exists, we find one that is very long-lived; “Search, compare and if you find something better, buy it “, which is 33 years old.

Food advertising examples

Food advertisements can be varied; from the objective view of what is offered, to the emotional appeal including, if possible, some unfair competition.

There is nothing scripted in this sector, because each brand chooses to spread its messages in the best way possible based on its objectives and the target audience.

The first one we are going to see is a very creative advertisement, which is a simple graphic that perfectly represents the concept. It offers onion-flavored bagels, so it fuses both elements in a very visual way.

And from originality to lifestyle. This brand of organic food offers in its advertisements a way to understand food and how important it is for the human body.

We finished the section with humor thanks to this mayonnaise light advertisement. So light that it is not able to tip the scales with its weight.

Other famous advertisements

It is clear that a high dose of advertising examples creativity helps a campaign to stay in our memory and end up being part of the story. But this is a fact that we can hardly control a prior.

Think that the tastes of users sometimes surprise us, and ads that are not of such quality, end up triumphing, while others that have worked to the fullest fall into oblivion.

If there is something that helps turn an ad into a famous one, it is to have a catchy and easy to remember element; it can be the slogan (as we have already seen), the jingle or a conversation between the protagonists.

We started this review by one that does not have too much time, but it has already become a modern classic. Lemon and nothing surprised us all with this campaign and its “stick” catchy and said by many.

On the other hand, the commercials of BMW usually include in two of the categories that I quote to you in this post; creative for their slogan, as well as popular.

In any case, the truth is that your ads have always been amazing and have known how to connect with users. With the campaign “Do you like to drive?” Marked a before and after in car advertising.

Example of creative outdoor advertising

I wanted to finish this post by dedicating my own space to outdoor advertising examples, because it usually goes unnoticed, but when the originality is applied as a star element, it gets everyone’s attention.

In fact, outdoor advertising sends messages that do not always reach users, because we are so used to living surrounded by it that in many cases we do not even pay attention.

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