The 7 best monitors 27 inches

Having a good monitor for your computer assures you that you will be able to enjoy the best experience, both when playing your favorite videogames, as well as watching movies or even if you have a professional use, having one of the best monitors in the world. 27 inches on your desktop will ensure incredible results, seeing any sharp image. If you want to have a reference of the most qualified, we give you this comparative list so you can buy the best of all.

Monitor 27 inches Asus Designo

We started this comparison with a product that comes from the hand of a brand as famous as Asus, which, in addition to giving high quality features to this monitor, has also been able to give a very nice and elegant design for your desktop.

The resolution of the screen is 1920 × 1080, so you can see perfectly any movie or series, or in the case of work on this screen, you will see with clarity any detail. It is an LED monitor with the latest technology, so that your view will not be impaired.

Monitor 27 inches for PC

A monitor of the HP brand, with an ideal FullHD resolution to enjoy your games to the fullest. In addition to this, it has been made with the best IPS LED technology, with which its colors will be more authentic and therefore, live a full experience with this 27-inch monitor.

If you need a lot of connectivity, tell you that this particular model has two HDMI and another VGA ports if you have an older connection. The brightness of the screen is excellent, being able to regulate with its configuration menu. On the other hand, it is an ultra-thin product, to save space on your table.

BenQ 27-inch monitor

One of the advantages that you will find in this monitor is that it has a more accentuated contrast, making the colors look much better, with the most real tonality, being able to fully enjoy multimedia viewing, as well as other works, such as editing of video or photographs or the development of apps.

The panel of this 27-inch monitor has some lines that do not have frames, getting optimal results, even if you want to join two equal monitors and have a professional workplace. If you are one of those who spend many hours in front of the screen, you will like to know that it has a technology that reduces eye fatigue.

Monitor 27 inches HP

This time we want to show you a high quality 27 inch HP monitor in which you will save a lot of space on your desk, as it has a reduced foot as well as an edge that is barely perceived in order to expand, if you wish , adding two screens and working much better.

The resolution of the screen is FullHD so you will see everything clearly, with exceptional quality and with which you will not have to worry about anything. The controls to adjust the brightness and other characteristics are found on the screen itself, making it easier to manage.

Monitor 27 inches Philips

Enjoy a perfect resolution for your movies or video games with this Philips model where you will have the quality you are looking for in your desk. This product has a technology that manages to analyze what exactly you are seeing on your screen to regulate the viewing quality, varying the contrasts and brightness to improve your experience.

As you can see in the image that we provide, the edges are barely noticeable, making the monitor take up less space. You will also save more energy thanks to its LED panel that helps improve the performance of the product by consuming less electricity without reducing its quality.

27-inch Samsung curved monitor

An excellent work tool with which you can rediscover the pleasure of being in front of your computer screen, with a wide field of vision that extends to 178 degrees, with technology that prevents eyes from getting tired, being able to spend hours in front of this panel without being disturbed.

It comes with several connection ports, from the classic VGA, as well as an HDMI and another 3.5 mm so you can connect the equipment you want. The response of the screen is excellent, so you will not have a moment of delay, counting at all times with the quality of Samsung.

27-inch AOC monitor

Something that surprises us about this monitor is that it has an ultra-thin design to occupy the least possible space on your desk. In this way, you will get a panel with a FullHD resolution with which you can work or play with the quality you’ve always wanted.

One of the advantages we have seen compared to other monitors is that it has a Jack connection for headphones or speakers, as well as HDMI and VGA connections to connect it to your computer in the simplest way and to work with this monitor as soon as you receive it in your home.

Tips to buy the best 27-inch monitor

Acquiring the best 27-inch monitor for your desktop is a necessary action in all areas, whether you are a person who enjoys your free time watching videos on YouTube in good quality, or you like the maximum detail in movies and series that you like them more In the same way, if you are a player, you will also want to have the maximum possible resolution in order to capture all the graphics of your videogame in detail. In the case of working with a quality monitor, it is necessary not only the resolution, but also these dimensions, since with 27 inches you can get better results if you like programming or even if you work in the development of apps.  if you have a panel like the ones that we have compared, you can easily program and develop applications of all kinds and without complications, something that can be more complicated if you try with other inches. For this reason, we wanted to bring you the best 27-inch monitors so you can not only play with the quality you want, but also exercise your profession with total guarantee of success.

One of the characteristics that we like to highlight in this type of products is that it has a panel with IPS LED technology, achieving an improvement in the quality of the viewing of any content, be it a video, a high resolution image or the code of a programming that we are carrying out. This will also help to save a lot on the electricity consumption, since this type of panels saves a lot and if you work for several hours, you will notice it in the electricity tariff.

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