The 9 best mechanical keyboards

The mechanical keyboards for gamers are the best solution if you want an exact answer in your videogames. Master the game with an exact answer according to the pulsation you make with the comparison of the best mechanical keyboards we have for you with the price-quality ratio you are looking for, so you do not have to pay more for a model with the highest performance in the market .

VicTsing Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

With a total of 104 keys this mechanical keyboard is one of those chosen to bring you the experience you want on your computer. With an incredible sensitivity, you can press quickly and respond instantly, without any synchronization problem.

The sound that it emits will transport you to the old keyboards that you used to type, being able to test each of the keys since they will work as you had never imagined. Something that all players like is the possibility of having a keyboard to which you can change the backlight colors and all this at a very cheap price.

Mechanical keyboard with backlighting

A product that we like because of the effectiveness it offers to the user, whether you are a player, programmer or even a writer, answering the keyboard with a simple touch, so that, as long as you spend, do not feel pain in the joints of your fingers.

If you are one of those who usually have your soda or even coffee on the desk and sometimes it has happened to other keyboards that the beverage has fallen into it, you should know that this model will not matter, since it is waterproof and will last a long time , you can pass a cloth to dry the liquid and continue with what you were doing.

Logitech mechanical keyboard

One of the most recognized brands in the world regarding computer components focused on gaming is Logitech. For this reason, the product we have in hand is one of the most recommended, because it has features that will make you live your video game or your work at another level, facilitating the touch with the keyboard and its exact pulsation.

So that you are not mistaken in your choice, we have specially selected you the model with Spanish distribution, that is to say that keyboard that has the Ñ between its keys. It has a minimalist design, so you can avoid distractions and focus on your game.

Mechanical keyboard with Spanish layout

If you want a speed at the time of playing, without pressing the key completely to register the character or the character moves, you need this model with a Cherry blue technology, getting you to write much faster than You could do it with a normal keyboard.

With just connect your USB cable you can start using it, recognizing it practically at the moment and without having to install anything on your computer. It has a series of multimedia keys to open the multimedia player that you have assigned, as well as other details that you can acquire for a very cheap price.

Mechanical keyboard for gaming

A mechanical keyboard that has an incredible price for everything it’s going to offer you. One of the positive points is that it has an extender where you can drop the dolls to rest them, making it even easier to press the keys.

It has different colors of backlighting that you can freely adjust to configure it with the color of your tower or even to light up when you are playing or working at night. It has a mode that will avoid what is known as a ghost effect when you press several keys at the same time when you type very fast. It also has multimedia keys to configure the volume and other details.

Mechanical keyboard Mars gaming

For those who love videogames, they will recognize the Mars Gaming brand as one of the best PC components among their products and it is not necessary to say that their materials and performance is simply excellent for playing or even enjoying the productivity that you have. they contribute

This model has many colors that can be customized to configure your keyboard to the maximum, but something we liked is that it has some letters and numbers on the keys larger than usual, so you will have easier to write if you must look at the keyboard at night.

Mechanical keyboard for games

A product of simple installation, connecting it only to the USB of the tower of your computer or device, with a waterproof design, perfect for when a glass of water falls on the keyboard, as you will also enjoy with a non-slip base so you can play without the site keyboard moves.

You can customize your keyboard thanks to its backlighting of up to 3 colors, which, although at first it may seem little, you will know how to give it the use it deserves. The touch of the keys when you press them is very pleasant and their response sensational. It is one of the cheapest you will find in this comparative list.

Multifunctional mechanical keyboard

If you want to enjoy a pleasant experience while playing with the computer, but do not want to spend too much money on a good keyboard, we show you this model that, despite being the cheapest of all, has features that will be noticed with respect to a keyboard conventional.

The first thing we realize is that the usual keys to play, such as address dates are colored in red, so that at all times you can locate them. You can set your colors to look much more fun and shine in the dark. It connects quickly by USB and works on computers as well as on your PlayStation.

Corsair gaming mechanical keyboard

For professional players or who want to be, have this Corsair brand model, which provides one of the most rewarding sensations and experiences to feel how your fingers can fly simply by the keyboard while you see how your character responds on the computer screen or even, if you use it for writing or for work, as your texts are written just as fast as you think them.

It has resistance to dust, as well as liquids, being able to be cleaned in a moment so you can continue with your task. Despite having only one backlight color, you will notice it much more professional than the rest that we have compared or that you can find in the market.

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