A seductive home air fills every corner of this cozy duplex house, with open spaces to the outside and a decoration that invites the rest of its inhabitants.

An inheritance, a great opportunity and a dream place are the preamble to the history of this unique home. The original house -owned by the family for decades- enjoyed a generous surrounding garden. And an extension in habitable meters that was even excessive for the daily life of a current family.

Selling the building was not an option and sharing it was not viable. The problem was solved successfully by dividing the large house into smaller houses.

These are individual duplex house, one for each brother, with a vertical distribution. That is, with two floors, a small garden and independent terrace: a very functional solution. The pronounced slope of the land, which determines the curious plant of each house.

Also made it possible for all the rooms in both heights to enjoy sufficient natural light. The access is made directly by the upper floor. Where two bedrooms, a bathroom and the living room were installed.

The living area, decorated in the range of blues, has splendid views over the harbor and the beach. A staircase leads to the ground floor, with direct access to the garden. Here the kitchen acquires special importance. With a large dining area and recycled furniture, such as the cupboard, table and office stools.

 The intention was to receive family and friends from early in the morning informally, without having to assemble the dining room table. The floor, in checkerboard in black and white, helped to reinforce the traditional air of the environment. Especially highlights the perfect integration of retro air parts with modern appliances that equip the work and cooking area.

Much quieter environments star the bedrooms; all of them presided over by large windows, which favor the generous entrance of natural light, and decorated in an exquisite way. With warm fabrics of delicate patterns, responsible for personalizing each space. Highlights the children’s room, with solutions as functional as the trundle beds or train-type bunk beds.

A very wise choice that guarantees the necessary storage space and, what is even more important, allows a free zone for the little ones to play at ease. And, the spaciousness of the bedroom allowed placing two beds nests in line on the same front and a bunk that rests on a freestanding wardrobe.

In this way it is possible to invite cousins ​​and friends with total freedom without resorting to emergency solutions. The choice of materials: mud floors, natural fiber carpets and paint in raw tones make it very easy to maintain a space with a lot of trotting. In short, a home designed to enjoy the day to day and escape complications.



The living area, located next to the impressive windows overlooking the sea, has numerous seats. Essential for frequent family meetings that take place in the house. The fabrics of sofas and curtains are.

The house was conditioned to take full advantage of it, even during the winter months. Therefore, it has modern enclosures and a large fireplace that helps to heat the living area of ​​the living room.


On the ground floor, and with direct access to the garden, a large dining room was installed. The table, solid solid wood, was completed with chairs Thonet style of different times and origins. A wide carpet and a modern ceiling lamp complete this atmosphere of great personality.


In order to maintain the traditional style in the kitchen, the cabinets were chosen with smooth fronts and finished in white. The latest generation appliances make a very functional environment that retains all the flavor of home. Kitchen cabinets, finished in white and with steel handles.


The customs of yesteryear are reflected with great intensity in the kitchen. Checkerboard floors. Reclaimed doors with iron handles and, most importantly. An old-fashioned dining room, presided over by a large white painted table and matching stools.


A correct exit of smoke in the kitchen is essential to avoid odors throughout the house. Nowadays the models of extraction. In addition to having an amazing power, are versatile and very decorative.


A large gazebo presides over the master bedroom, which offers magnificent views over the sea. The key to the interior being infected by its beauty was to reproduce its colors. Blue, gray and white were the tones chosen to dress this rest area. The fabrics of the whole bedroom come.


As a complement to the large cabinets, new storage areas were created. In a seasonal home. It is necessary to have plenty of space to store all the clothes of the house, once closed. Nice dressers in the bedrooms are the perfect place for sheets and blankets.


The length of the room for the smallest of the house allowed installing a modular composition that includes three beds. And a practical freestanding wardrobe. This furniture is not only excellent for its design. But also allows clearing the bedroom so that children have free space to play.


Inspired by the old floors, the bathroom was covered with white and dark gray hydraulic tiles. This material offers an incredible resistance and can last for many years, the key is to give it the proper finish. Either crystallize it or waterproof it, with wax or with a specific product for it. In addition, when cleaning it is very important to avoid chemicals that would surely damage the surface. It is better to use a neutral soap.

The walls stand out for their excellent combination of tiles and paint. The lower area, more susceptible to contact with water was tiled in white. While the highest part was covered with gray plastic paint prepared against moisture.

We really liked the furniture where the sink is inserted. It has a very simple design, easy to integrate. The original towel rails integrated in the skirt stand out.

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