The 7 best streaming platforms

Over the years, streaming platforms are multiplying, offering a wide range of movies and series that make it increasingly difficult to decide on one of them. In this list we are going to name you what are the best ones for us, also telling you about some other exclusive content they have and their advantages.


HBO is a specialist in creating authentic jewelry. His series have won all kinds of awards, becoming the best productions of all time. In its catalog you can find Sopranos, which for many there is no comparison that can match the quality of this series, The wire, another that leaves us in suspense with each chapter.

However, the production that has won the most awards and that currently tops the list is Game of Thrones, having millions of followers all over the world. Finally we will mention Westworld, a story that struggles to become the next hen of HBO’s golden eggs.

Prime Video

This streaming platform has many advantages, such as the ability to enjoy it completely free as long as you have an active Amazon Prime subscription. In this way, you will have the possibility to buy in the Amazon online store, but also enjoy its exclusive catalog that you will not find anywhere else.

Between the original series of Prime Video we find The man in the castle, a story based on the book by the writer Blade Runner. On the other hand, if you are passionate about Tolkien’s novels, you must have your subscription prepared, as Amazon prepares its exclusive series of The Lord of the Rings.


We could say that this platform is the king of kings in streaming of series and movies. You have an unbeatable catalog in which you can see practically everything, from mythical series such as How I Met Your Mother to Movies from the Marvel Factory. In addition to this you also have the possibility of creating a child profile for children to enjoy movies and series adapted to them. Among its advantages is the possibility of sharing account with another person, something that even series like Big Mouth mention, leaving the subscription at a very low price for everything you can see in it, being one of the main reasons why we Recommend in this article  streaming senza registrarsi .

But without a doubt the best thing is that it has its own production to take off its hat, with Stranger Things, Bird Box, among other titles that have managed to make a place among the greatest classics and all this, without leaving the cinema.

Rakuten TV

Previously this platform was better known as Wuaki, but with the passage of time was absorbed by Rakuten to improve its services and deal with other streaming platforms. What makes the difference is that it has an option to rent or buy movies and series, among which are the most current of the moment, just out of the oven. Each movie has a different cost.

On the other hand, you also have the option to subscribe, however, the catalog is not as extensive, but you can enjoy unlimited content throughout the duration of the subscription.


Filmin is another one of those options that you have to take into account if you enjoy the cinema in all its splendor. We find a catalog in which you will not find titles recognized worldwide, but if what you like most is the independent or author’s cinema, here you will find a gold mine, since it focuses on these films.

It has great works of cinema, both current and classic that you should not miss and that are in all the listings of best movies to watch. On the other hand, it has a catalog focused on children, with whom you can have a great time with another type of series and movies as fun as usual.


Another of the streaming platforms that attract many subscribers is Sky Spain, where you will find an immense catalog of series and movies, but that’s not the case, since you’ll also be having full access to the best television channels of payment, as for example the FOX, Calle 13, TNT among many others, having a really low cost.

If you are one of those who follow The Walking Dead and do not want to miss a single chapter, or want to have access to classic TCM movies, you can do it for very little.

Vodafone TV

Although its mobile application was one of the roughest and with little functionality, today you can enjoy a quality platform with which you can have access to a complete catalog of movies, series and payment channels. . With this streaming platform you will be able to enjoy television programs and also documentaries without complications, having only to have a wide Wi-Fi connection, since unlike those that we have mentioned in advance, it will consume a lot of data and, therefore, will not it’s recommended.

The amount of content will be given by the package you have hired Vodafone, but even with the most basic, you can enjoy a lot of content.

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