How Fuel Cards Can Benefit Consumers

For many decades now, fuel cards have been available for fleet managers and coach services in a wide range of business applications. Many of the customers that were previously attracted to the benefits that a fuel card could offer have found their interest and loyalty curtailed by what they see as some illogical and unfair practices of fuel companies. With these issues now being raised by more consumers, what can we learn from the past experiences of other organisations that have used fuel cards? For BP Fuel Cards, visit Fuel Card Services

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In the past, fuel cards were seen as a great opportunity to expand the service and range of services that a fleet manager or coach service offered to their customer base. Fuel companies would issue a single card with a fixed value fuel amount on it to any driver that they felt might benefit from the benefits of fuel credit. Of course, this value would not be set, but would be determined by the fuel prices and if the driver saw a discounted price available on fuel somewhere, he might well take advantage of this opportunity.

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However, the fuel cards of a few years ago were issued with a set discount that only applied to a certain price range. The driver was only entitled to a discount if he was using fuel from a participating company. However, with more fuel companies offering a greater choice of fuel, it seems that more people are able to take advantage of the flexibility that fuel cards offer. So, whether a driver is buying fuel for their personal use or for their business use, a fuel card could be the perfect solution.


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