All You Need To Know About Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet Management, also known as Vehicle Fleet Technology, is the use of GPS and / or internet-based technologies to improve the operation and management of a fleet of commercial vehicles. It can also refer to the process of creating an effective maintenance schedule for vehicles. This system includes software that monitors and collects data on vehicle maintenance history and condition, driver scheduling, fuel management, tracking of tires and other maintenance records, and in some cases, GPS tracking of the vehicle (e.g. vehicle mapping). The goal of this system is to make sure that a business’s vehicles are maintained in good condition while reducing costs to the business. It can also help to improve customer service, as it allows the business owner to monitor how the driver performs and provides information to the customer as to their level of service.

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Fleet Management is a very important aspect of fleet maintenance. If your fleet consists mainly of trucks, you will want to ensure that proper maintenance procedures are followed. Having the ability to monitor the maintenance status of all vehicles on a weekly basis, as well as frequently changing and special maintenance tasks can be very helpful to your business’s bottom line. A Vehicle Fleet Management Gloucestershire company such as MPH Vehicle Solutions can help with all aspects of vehicle management.

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Vehicle Fleet Technology is also an increasingly popular method of managing fleets, and many companies are implementing fleet management systems that allow for real-time tracking of vehicles. This allows for the easy management and tracking of driver speeds, fuel efficiency, miles logged, and more.

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