Night Cream: No, It’s Not Just for Her

While nightly beauty regimes may traditionally be a ‘woman thing’, there’s no reason why men shouldn’t practice good skincare too, especially since new studies reveal that men may actually age faster!

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We live in an age where gender stereotypes have been comprehensively broken down. There is no shame in men using beauty products such as fake tan and make up, so they certainly shouldn’t feel any less masculine about looking after their skin. It is, after all, one of their most important features. Here are just a few reasons why implementing a night time skincare regime can halt the ageing process and make you feel like a new man.

How Skincare Works

Night time is the perfect opportunity to nourish and rebuild skin. During the day our skin is exposed to cold/hot temperatures, pollution, UV rays and grime, so view your nightly regime as a way to cleanse and repair the damage that these things can do. Skin naturally regenerates itself while we sleep, and using the correct creams and techniques help to support this process. Using makeup may help with skin care as it keeps skin protected, especially with brands such as Clarins makeup.

What are the Visible Benefits of a Night Time Regime

Helping the skin to restore itself by regularly using a night cream will yield visible results. Night cream helps to replenish moisture lost during the day and aids in cell renewal, meaning your skin will look fresher and brighter by the next morning. Over time, this regime will also help combat the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging.

Things to Complement a Skincare Regime

A good night cream can be accompanied by other products. Eye cream works in the same way but is formulated specifically for the delicate area of skin around the eyes, which is usually prone to the early onset of ageing. You could also try using beard oils such as (such as Henry Tibbs beard oils) to keep your facial hair as fresh and moisturised as your skin.

Applying Products

Before applying any products you should ensure that your skin is clean. This encourages maximum absorption of the product, as it does not have to battle through grime or oil. Apply sparingly (too much can clog up your pores) in a gentle, circular motion and work it into the skin, paying attention to problem areas such as the skin around the eyes and the neck.

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