Pros and Cons of Custom Handguns

Custom handguns can have several pros and cons, depending on your needs. There are costs involved, shooting experience, magazine capacity, and compensated grip, to name a few. Considering the pros and cons of these handguns can help you decide which is best for you.


If you have been contemplating purchasing custom handguns, you may be wondering about the costs associated with the process. There are several things to consider, including the features and frame type you choose and any additional costs. Whether you prefer a pistol with a traditional 1911-style design or a custom-made pistol with an oversized trigger guard, many options are available.

A custom handgun’s cost varies widely, depending on its brand, model, accessories, and condition. To illustrate, let’s look at two 1911s, one with a minimalist engraving and a more intricate and detailed one. The Ruger 1911 on the left is much cheaper than the custom 1911 on the right, with full-coverage engraving and finely shaded scrolls.

Shooting experience

The thrill and challenge of utilizing a handgun for hunting come from getting to your prey as possible. The type of handgun you select determines how far you can shoot. You can choose an NCH limit relevant to your skill level and selected caliber.

Magazine capacity

Depending on the type of gun and the cartridge it employs, a custom handgun’s magazine capacity varies. A standard capacity magazine holds up to 30 rounds of ammunition. However, some states have laws that limit the maximum number of rounds a magazine can hold to 10 or fewer. These laws are costly to consumers and firearm manufacturers and haven’t been proven to reduce crime rates.

The second issue is the law’s effect on gun owners. The ban imposed by the federal government on large-capacity magazines violates the Second Amendment. The federal government has yet to issue a ruling on whether the law is constitutional. As of this writing, only 41 states allow gun owners to own firearms with magazines that contain more than ten rounds.

Compensated grip

Compensated grips are an excellent way to improve the feel of a handgun. They are custom-made for the shooter and offer various benefits, including reduced fatigue and improved performance. They also weigh only 4.2 oz.

If you are a competitive pistol shooter, the grip on your handgun is an essential factor to consider. It is because the grip is the direct link between the shooter and the weapon. The correct grip design will allow the shooter to maintain the gun on target without moving or recovering after recoil. The correct grip will also promote automatic gripping, which is essential in competitive shooting.

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