How to start a tarot reading business?

tarot reading business

Tarot reading is a very profitable business, at present many work on the Internet or with their own physical business. They also usually set up this business at fairs and private parties, while others offer their services through Skype or Facebook. The good thing about this job is that it can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.

How to start a tarot reading business?

If you have experience and knowledge in the tarot reading, or if you spend much of your time studying everything related to the tarot, it may be your time to start your tarot business. You should follow some tips to improve productivity in your business.

tarot reading business

Some tasks when working full time are:

  • Complete readings for your already programmed clients.
  • Work contacts in social networks to promote your business.
  • Marketing private tarot reading parties or lineup booths at psychic fairs.
  • Balance your books.
  • Establish and maintain a website that accepts payments for remote readings.
  • Answer telephone calls and complete readings for these emerging clients.
  • Create a business standard that provides customers with clearly defined expectations regarding their readings.

What is the target market?

The best customer is the person who needs a consistent orientation, which schedules readings weekly or monthly. The tarot parts provide large revenues in a few hours, but it is very difficult to align. In the market, you can find all types of customers and all income levels. It should only focus on those people who have an open mind and are ready to accept the wisdom that is given.

How does a tarot reading business make money?

This business makes money by performing tarot readings, where the deepest readings are charged per hour. Also, everything depends on your reputation and the number of customers you have. In this business there are few expenses, therefore 90% percent of what it charges are profits.

What is the growth potential for a tarot reading business?

Many people who dedicate themselves to this point their business as a complementary activity. If you can create a rich customer base, you can operate your business full time. If you have the ability to meet other tarot readers, it is very likely that you can expand your business.

tarot reading business

What are some skills and experiences that will help you build a successful tarot reading business?

In comparison with other businesses or products that are based on services, a tarot business depends mainly on charisma that the tarot reader possesses. But you will also have to:

Be totally fluent in the interpretation of the Tarot and be able to complete the readings without consulting any type of book. Have a compassionate and instinctive nature.

Complete readings that allow the client to get away with a new perspective of a situation or self-confidence. Knowledge of organic marketing techniques: word of mouth will be an important means of promotion.

What are the costs involved in opening a tarot reading business?

It really is a low investment business, so it can be undertaken with very little money. You only need to have a computer, telephone, Internet, download charges and a mobile table to offer services at parties. You must also create a website to get more customers. Today with $ 5,000 you can start this business professionally.

What are the steps to start a tarot reading business?

Once you are ready to start, you must take some steps such as

Open the business: Within the plan, you must write down everything that is important, investment costs, your target market and the timeframe that you have to reach the goal.

Register your business: You must register the business to pay the corresponding taxes.

Get permits: In some countries, it is necessary to obtain licenses and permits in order to operate.

Define your brand: That’s right, you must work for people to recognize their services. Defining a brand in the market is an obligation, so they can identify it quickly.

How much can you charge customers?

Generally, a reading of 15 minutes can be charged usd 20 dollars, however the most detailed readings are already charged between usd 60 and usd 80 dollars per hour.

How much profit can a tarot reading business do?

A tarot business can generate between US $ 24,000 and US $ 30,000 per year. The more clients you get, the more profits you will generate. Also keep in mind that if your target market is wealthy people, the annual earnings can be from $ 50,000 dollars to $ 100,000.

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