Signs of issues in your sewage pipes

Think you may have blocked or broken sewer pipes? Here are some common signs that you might be experiencing this problem:

1) Blocking wastewater

Sanitary sewer backups usually occur at the lowest open channel. A backup is usually the result of a blockage at some point in the line. If you experience a backup every time you run water into the sink or your bathtub drain, the problem is probably with your main sewer line because all the drains depends on the main sewer line. However, if a single drain backs up, your problem may be isolated to that channel.

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2) The smell of sewage

If you smell sewage in or around your house or building, it is a telling symptom that there could be a gap somewhere in the system. An efficient sewer must be airtight everywhere. This means that you should never smell the sewers unless there are gaps or holes. For help with Blocked Drains Kent, visit a site like

3) Mould Problems

In addition to the smell of sewage, mildew growth can also be a sign of a sewer pipe leak behind a wall. Some moulds only need an environment with more than 55% moisture to start growing. With this in mind, a broken sewer pipe behind the wall can increase the humidity level to a point where there is a visible problem with mould. If you notice unusual fungal growth in your home with an unpleasant odour, the waste drainpipes may be defective.

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