The many different types of shelving available.

To help you find the right sort of shelving for your warehouse, we examine here the pros and cons of different types. It is particularly important to get the best option for heavy items.

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Rivet Shelving

You can use this sort of shelving when you require something that is versatile and strong as well as quick to assemble. The frame of these shelving units is fashioned out of solid steel: shelves are made out of materials which may include plywood, steel or wire decking. All the tools you need are a screwdriver and hammer and a small amount of specialised hardware.

Rivet shelving can be found in different sizes, and it is fairly affordable. It is good if you require shelving that can hold a large number of items without much effort. However, it’s rather ugly if you care about appearances. It may also be heavy, depending on the material that is used, which can be a factor if you are shipping it. In addition, it can’t be customised.

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Steel Shelving

Usually, steel shelving looks like metal bookshelves. Steel shelves can have backs but are also accessible and open from both sides. Sway braces can be used to keep the shelf steady and upright.

The shelves are adjustable, so you could have one unit with few shelves to store tall items and another with many shelves to store smaller inventory. In addition, this shelving is customisable and flexible, so you can install dividers, modular drawer systems and bins. Outside the warehouse, steel shelving can be found in hospitals and offices. It comes in a variety of colours which disguise its industrial purpose. It is, however, more expensive and hard to assemble than other choices. They also provide a popular choice for Garage Shelving such as the ones that you choose are

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving resembles rivet shelving, as it consists of a frame and shelves made of wire. It is extremely light and often placed on wheels for moving around as necessary. However, it is unable to hold much weight, and it can’t hold very small items since they fall through the holes in the grid. There are not many choices when it comes to customisation, but it is useful that the shelves are accessible from all sides.


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