We can develop a Photographic Memory

Eidetic memory, also called photographic memory, is the ability that allows us to remember images, sounds or objects, with great precision and an enormous level of detail. People who have developed this ability to a high degree, can remember complete conversations, texts that have read only once, the distribution of a group of people in a room, or in general are able to remember details that other people I would be unable to do it …

There are very few people who have this ability to photograph the world with their senses and around this issue, for now there are many unanswered questions. The results of one of the latest studies on this subject, which was carried out by researchers at the University of Malaga, claim that the photographic memory or eidetic memory could be due to an increase in the production of a protein called “RGS”. -14 “that affects the brain area responsible for the processing of visual information, increasing the capacity of long-term memory. However, at present we still do not have a completely satisfactory explanation about what is the cause of certain people developing this type of memory.

It is interesting to note that, in many cases, this ability is associated with mental or neuropsychological disorders, which affect to a greater or lesser extent certain cerebral structures. For example, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome are often associated with this spectacular memorization ability.

In addition, several studies have observed that eidetic memory is more developed in children than in adults (although more research is still needed in this field). It seems that children have a higher performance than adults in visual memory tests, obtaining more information and more detailed than the adult population. This could be because the cerebral hemispheres of children are interconnected differently from adults, but as we said before the causes are not entirely clear …

From my point of view the really interesting question is: Can we get to develop an eidetic memory through exercises and trainings?

The reality is that there is not much research in this sense, but we can find references and examples of what can be achieved with the training of memory. It is possible that through certain training we can develop an enormous ability to encode and retain information. It may not be exactly a development of the eidetic memory, but in the same way, it is a practical and functional capacity that allows us to easily memorize and remember what has been memorized for long periods of time.

I am passionate about mental training, and I have been training for a long time. From my experience I can say that with perseverance and work not only can improve the technical ability to memorize, but also the speed of metal processing, spatial memory, concentration, and other capabilities …

Many times people underestimate what we are able to achieve, and when we see someone perform a memory or mental calculation demonstration, we are impressed, and through misfortune we feel that we would be unable to get to a minimum part of that.

The reality is that anyone can improve their cognitive abilities with good exercises , and if you follow the right path you can get results above what many expect.

Next I show you a small demonstration of one of my favorite brands in Quick Memory (made with the Speed-Memory simulator ), a memorization of 38 binaries in 0.5 seconds, 4 digits above the current world record.

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