Four Clint Eastwood Movies You Should Watch On Netflix Now

Clint Eastwood is one of the most decorated Hollywood characters in the world. He is not only known for his years as a movie actor but is also known as a producer and director. To add to his CV, he is also a musician and composer.

The American actor rose to fame with his role in the “Man with No Name”, while his character as Harry Callahan made him a legendary icon in the movie industry. He has a long line of award-winning productions. In this article from, we will be listing out a few Clint Eastwood movies that can be found on Netflix.

Sully: Feat On The Hudson

His plane crashes into a group of Canadian geese and pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was forced to land the plane in the Hudson River. Against all expectations, he was able to evacuate all the passengers unharmed. But this great feat of his only saw him being haunted by the trauma and pressure he faced during the incident.

The film starred Tom Hanks and was directed by Clint Eastwood. Although he didn’t play an actor in the film, Eastwood’s involvement as the director made the production of this film a success in the industry. The film is based on the true story of pilot Chesley Sullenberger.

Alcatraz: Impossible Escape

This is a film centred around Frank Morris, who is transferred to Alcatraz’s maximum security prison after escaping from every other prison he was taken to. There he got to form a trio with two other prisoners he met there, and they devise a plan that will help them make a legendary escape.

This is a film based on a book called Escape from Alcatraz. This was one of the many action films in which Clint Eastwood played an actor, and he had to study the real character for his performance on the big screen.


Chris Kyle who is praised as the best sniper in the navy on the battlefield finds it difficult to fill his role as husband and father to his family. Kyle was able to break casualty records in Iraq, saving hundreds of lives. But is it worth risking his fragile life for his country while his wife and kid await his return home?

Sniper is one of the many films directed by Clint Eastwood with Bradley Cooper starring as the actor. It is also a film based on a true story cited by real money pokies for Australians.


Four cowboys had to embark on a journey to the city of Silverado from the old west. Getting there, they uncover the tyranny of a corrupt commissioner. The four cowboys banded together to remove the dictator from power, and this led to a fight between gangs from the far west.

Silverado, which was released in 1985, brought out the brilliance of Clint Eastwood’s career as an actor in the film industry.

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