10 very cheap countries to travel

Every year Forbes magazine quotes us which are the most expensive and cheapest countries to travel. Although in  2019 they have not changed much, here we include others and we dispense with others to provide you with a more varied list.  Many  of the countries in the world in these lists are in the Asian continent, so, although the country is cheap, the passage is not. So, dare to discover our new list!


The rupee , in exchange, is very economical for those of us who live in countries with  US dollars. That is why, according to the travelers themselves, it is a destination where you can live with 10 dollars per day including transportation, lodging and meals. If you travel to India , you will discover one of the most complete and economic countries in the world.


In this African country, the price, including hotel, average accommodation and maintenance is about 12-13 dollars a day, many times with many guided tours included. A luxury!


Moldova is located within Europe, and if you visit it is highly recommended to take advantage and travel to Transylvania. The budget to spend the night in the hotel, with food (food is very cheap) and transportation will be around 15-20 dollars per day depending on the characteristics of the trip.


Romania is another ideal country to travel cheaply, and whoever does not make a visit to the famous  Transylvania will miss the most charming corner of Romania. If we have maintenance, stay in Cluj Napoca and transportation to various locations in the region we will not have an expense of more than 25 dollars per day of travel.


The total price per day will be similar to that of Romania with a cost per day of 20-25 dollars in beautiful Macedonia .


Transportation in Syria is very economical, as well as maintenance unless international cuisine is desired. The accommodation depends on what you want, but in total the price will be about 18 dollars per person per day with visits included. Obviously, taking into account the sad and regrettable condition in which this country is currently, it is better to rethink if the low prices are worth it.


The Colombian jewel has very affordable prices and if you travel like a backpacker, you will not exceed 10 dollars per day. Not so if you want more services, although the price will not exceed 20 dollars unless you pursue luxury and extravagance.


With a base budget of 23 dollars you can live day to day in Lithuania without problems. Although we always associate this to Estonia and Latvia, the prices vary a lot. Do not miss country!


If you travel as a backpacker you can live one day per person for just 5 dollars. If you want accommodation in hotel and food, as well as concrete transport will be about 15 dollars per day, depending on what is chosen.


The trip to Thailand is one of the most economical, not counting flights, and the widest range of activities it proposes. For about 12 dollars per day it is easy to travel to this country in a completely comfortable way.

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