The 7 best water vacuums

If you want to enjoy a perfect cleaning, the best thing you can do is buy a water vacuum . With this variety of vacuum cleaner you will not only be able to vacuum solids, but you will also be able to vacuum liquids to achieve a perfect and fast cleaning.

Cecotec water and solid vacuum cleaner

I start talking about a vacuum cleaner that will help you clean everything, both liquids and solids in a fast and simple way. Thanks in part to the fact that it has a power of 1400w.

Although it is not one of the most expensive models, I like it a lot because it has a double filtering that makes the quality of the aspirate higher. It has a Hepa filter and another water filter. In combination they will allow you to achieve very good results. Without forgetting that it is suitable for all types of floors, even for the most delicate floors such as wooden floors. It also includes a 15-liter tank and works without bags, so everything is much more comfortable and in the long run you will save a lot of money.

Karcher water vacuum

Although the design is not of its strengths, at least in my opinion, the truth is that it is a great machine that deserves a place in this list. With it you can perform deep cleanings with a single pass. Not only for its suction power, but for the design of the vacuum cleaner.

The cleaning is suitable for all types of floors, you can even use it on carpets or vacuum cleaners. Such is the power, that you can even inhale the hairs of pets, hence it will be a great ally to have the house always perfect.

Nilfisk water vacuum

High performance vacuum cleaner at a very competitive price. It is a great alternative when it comes to vacuum dirt and liquids. It is true that it is not the most powerful models, but for a domestic use it will give you good results. Remember, it has a power of 1200w.

The model offers you a good aspirate and the energy consumption is just, specifically has an energy class B. Of course, one of the things that I have most caught the attention of this model is the function of blowing, which does not It is integrated in all vacuum cleaners.

Clatronic water vacuum

It is a vacuum cleaner that thoroughly cleans all types of surfaces, even the most delicate ones, such as textiles. For this reason, not only will it help you to have a much cleaner house, but it can also be a good alternative to clean the car.

The model despite not being very large has a power of 1200w, which must be added a very low power consumption, thanks to it is A +++. The design is simple, quite light and since it is not very big, it will not take up much space at home.

Rowenta water vacuum

One of the strengths of this model is its energy efficiency A and the adaptation it has to aspire in all types of soils. Keep in mind that it is a pretty powerful model and perfect for domestic use. This makes it very sold, although the design is very guilty that people decide on this option.

Once the cleaning is done, emptying the tank is very simple, so you can do it in a comfortable way. It also includes a 2-in-1 brush that makes cleaning easier and more professional.

Mini Holife water vacuum

If you want something simpler, I invite you to consider this hand vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to handle and despite its small size it also allows to aspirate liquids. Of course, you should know that your deposit is small, only 600ml.

Another advantage of the hand vacuum cleaner is that it not only works with battery, it also works with cable. The battery charge is fast and offers a good autonomy of use. It has a large number of accessories to perform a good cleaning at home as in the car.

Polti water vacuum

If you want to obtain the highest quality of vacuum at home and above all eliminate the maximum dust and allergy particles possible, this option will come in handy. He thinks that he has a total of four phases of filtering that will not only make the aspirate good, but the air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner will be of quality and clean of impurities.

It is very easy to use and has a modern design that will make you want to use it to clean the house. To this we must add an automatic cable collection system and above all a total of 6 accessories that make the vacuum cleaner much more complete. For the price you have, it is another very competitive option if you are looking for quality when it comes to vacuuming.


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