5 Better Yoga Alternatives to Try Today

Did you know that mind-body exercise routines are extremely popular forms of fitness these days? Whether you know it or not, they’ve also been around since ancient times.

The most common is none other than yoga, however. As liberating as yoga seems, though, it is not for everyone. And, that’s okay! If yoga isn’t up your alley, here are three viable alternatives from online casino real money.

1. Pilates

Pilates is an alternative exercise preferred by those who do not wish to participate in practices that have a religious affiliation or spiritual basis. Pilates is not affiliated with any spirituality at all and is one of the fastest-growing fitness types in many areas across the globe. It was created in the 1920s in Germany by a man called Joseph Pilates. The exercise form was to serve as a type of rehabilitation.

Pilates was not always a fitness class. In fact, the very first people exposed to Pilates were soldiers returning home from war. Pilates was designed to strengthen muscles and to relieve tension and pain in the body. And it is used for much the same thing today. Pilates has no spiritual background and is a highly effective form of physical exercise – how could you go wrong?

2. Qigong

Qigong is a martial arts practices that is like yoga, but originates from Chinese culture and not Hinduism. Similarly to yoga, Qigong is a holistic form of exercise that is aimed at the body and mind, as well as spirituality. For this reason, it has many similar healing properties that yoga has, including practicing effective breathing techniques, meditation and controlled body posture. All of these techniques promote mindfulness based stress reduction.

3. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is another great yoga alternative with similar benefits. The practice of Tai Chi lies in ancient Chinese culture and is a type of art that embraces the body, mind and spirit. It involves a series of movements that are carried out in a very slow, systemic way, coupled with deep, rhythmic breathing. A 2019 study by Harvard University concluded that Tai Chi can help you maintain strength, flexibility and balance and could be “the perfect activity for the rest of your life.”

4. Body Balance

Body balance is a type of yoga-based fitness that focuses on the mind and body, with a particular emphasis on controlled breathing. The exercise incorporates a series of yoga moves as well as elements of Tai Chi and pilates, usually with music playing in the background. Body balance has similar health benefits to yoga including improving your flexibility and increasing your strength while reducing stress levels. A 2021 study on the health effects of pilates, which has a significant role in body balance, shows that it lowers blood pressure, improves back pain and joint mobility, and boosts spine strength, courtesy of New Zealand casino sites.

5. Ballet

The idea of going to a ballet class may remind you of your childhood, but ballet is not just for kids. Ballet is a great yoga alternative with similar benefits. Ballet is a form of dancing that has many of the same benefits as yoga. When practicing ballet you focus on physical coordination, grace, posture, strength and poise. Similarly to yoga, ballet also focuses on mental strength in particular due to the focus on coordination that is required when you are learning how to get your feet to skip.

A 2020 study has found that ballet is especially beneficial for older women, as it has many positive physical and mental health impacts, and in particular helps older women to have a more positive experience with age-related changes.

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